10 Two Year Old Parenting Tips

10501676_10203183772173862_5507520874073226334_nI have spent almost a year with a two year old.  What a great year!  I wanted to share some tips and tricks with you.  I have learned many of these from other parents.  Some I just had to make up in the moment.  Hopefully they can help you with the high energy two year olds in your lives!  Believe me I am not an expert and I am not sure if these are the right things to do.  But I think these things are working for me and they can work for you too.

  • Obey Right Away– Instead of yelling at your kids and say listen to me now, just say obey right away.  Just a little reminder for kids and a simple way for adults to say listen to me please with less words and more impact.
  • Making Rhymes–  Instead of saying sit down all the time I would say “Sit, sit, sit, on your seat, seat, seat.  I could just say sit down but the song has more impact and other learn it too.
  • “Say your sorry and ask if the are ok”–  Before getting into a bounce house this summer a parent said to their child to say this phrase incase they knocked anyone down.  I thought it was a great idea.  I use to tell our little girl to say sorry all the time but not ask if they are ok.  This is a great phrase to learn while playing with other kids.
  • Choices– You can can either have your stuffed animals or have the light on in your room.  You can have more grape juice if you drink your orange juice.  You can get this toy if you put that toy away.
  • New Environment- Sometimes when our little girl is being bad she does it for attention.  We take her to a new spot that does not have many distractions (usually the stairwell) and say what we don’t like her to do and why.  Then we ask her if she understand or if she can say sorry.  We just spend some time together out of the situation.  Usually by then we both understand what happened.  They I tell her I love her and give her a big hug and she usually hugs me back.
  • Walking Away from Cranky Whining – I am not sure if this is the right thing to do but it works for this child in this situation.  Sometimes our little one whines and cries for something even though they know the answer.  I just go do a different part of the house and usually clean or go on my computer.  Then she usually comes to me and asks nicely.  The part of her moving to a different part of the house calms here down.  Sometimes it takes a couple moves.  But just adding that time to the situation helps.  When she gets to me I usually hold her and ask what she wants.  But I don’t want to do that when she is whiny and unable to console.
  • Alone Time–  As a stay at home Mom I get to spend time with my little one.  But I want her to have alone time too.  This is when she is the most creative.  I have kid proofed the house since she could walk.  All the cabinets have latches, all breakable things have been taken away, and she has access to her toys.  I do listen very well incase she gets in trouble.  But I let her roam the house and decide what she wants to play with.  Sometimes I will get her started with something but then I let her go.
  • Bag of Tricks– Keep many small items in your bag to keep them busy when you are out of the house.  Our little one loves playing with little cards, small animals, and band aids.  Anything that will keep her busy while we are waiting for things.  This is also great for car trips alone.  I will just pull out something different and colorful and it keeps her busy for a while.
  • Introduce Them to Other Kids- I like to walk over and talk to new friend children with her.  Introduce them to each other to say it is ok to be friends and play with this child.  They will eventually learn to do it on their own.  But just saying to go play usually does not work.  If that does not work find an activity they can both do together.  Putting grass in cups, going down a slide, or a see saw.  What ever is around.  Or you can let them share the toy they are currently holding with the other child.
  • (Name here) is good at sharing– I like to say out loud the things that I want my daughter to be.  Even when she is not doing them at the moment.  For example the phrase above.  “(name here) is a good friend”.  “(Name here) is a good helper”.  “(Name here) is good at cleaning up.  Now sometimes when she does something she will say she is good at cleaning up.  I am glad she knows it even though she does not do it all the time.  Sometimes when I do this other little kids or adults will laugh when I say it.  But I feel the more I say it the more she strives to do the positive things I want her to do.
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  1. I do like these ideas and do know a lot of them work however the last one is not ideal when you compare them to other children saying this person is good at this or that it puts labels on them and that is not good many phycologist will talk about this and why it is not a good idea. Otherwise nice article.

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