2014 in Review: Pregnancy, Becoming a Dr., and Becoming a Children's Book Author

2014 Rusczyk2014 was an amazing year.  There are many goals that I achieved this year that would not be possible without hard work and figuring things out.  This year I got pregnant for the third time which will hopefully be our second child.  After our miscarriage in November of last year at about 12 weeks this was exciting news.

This year after 5 years and one week I became a Doctor of Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Educational Technology from the University of Phoenix.  Things have change in my life during those 5 years.  I started the journey with the end goal of wanting to teach online courses.  I still want to do that but I am really enjoying being a stay at home Mom.  Also, since I am having a difficult pregnancy for me, being a stay at home Mom is a blessing.  I do believe I am using my degree while continuing my home businesses of 50 Things to Know Books and Charlie the Cavalier.

I published my first two children’s books this year.  I found an amazing illustrator and have had a great time working together on having a goal and seeing the books through.  I am excited about the second book Charlie the Cavalier travels the world as the book brings together my passion for travel and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  Here are some ways you can support me as an author without buying a book.  One of the best parts of the the project is being able to read to little kids.  I love that the books teach a lesson.  Also, I enjoy that the book are short, colorful, and make children smile.

We added an addition to our house and since it happened at the beginning of 2014, the project feels like last year!  But in saying that, we have been living comfortably in the addition like the room has always been there.  The main reason for the addition was a home office for my husband.  Since we were having another baby it was time for an addition.  But after some taking we decided to extent our living room, bed room, get a walk in closet, and an office.  This sounds like a large amount of space but we added everything in an efficient way.

My husband also changed jobs this year but stayed at the same location.  He no longer runs a residence hall.  This was a transition for him.  Also, we lost our on campus apartment that we were using to have small parties and storing our stuff.  We were hoping to stay at the apartment during the renovation but then with the job change that was not a possibility.  By the end we made it all work and the addition was done by my husbands birthday March 12th.

I have been not “employed” now for 3 years as I have been a stay at home Mom.  During that time I started a few home businesses.  Last year I worked on deciding what made revenue for me.  This year I am just going to concentrate on 50 Things to Know, Charlie the Cavalier, (both on Amazon), and Amazon Associates (money from clicking and purchasing from Amazon).  Then I can continue to move forward without spending time reading email and trying things on the internet that take my time but do not pay.  While I have been trying some reviews, I think I will stick to children’s book reviews in the future because I just like doing them and I like getting free books for the little ones in my life.  The business also raises money for teaching and learning which I think is good for any business.

Having a 2-3 year old this year was such a blessing.  I learned so much this year and I can’t wait for the 3-4 year old year.  While there were some challenges she has grown so much.  I have to admit, this year she is more self sufficient.  But still not potty trained after a year of trying. Well I guess that goal is for next year.  We have too!  Here is a short video to sum that up.

One thing we really enjoyed this year was trying to play board games with our friends once a week.  While we were busy some weeks we enjoyed a beverage at our local coffee shop and getting out of the house.  We have been enjoying ticket to ride, settlers of catan, and carcassonne.  There are a few others too that we have tried.

We did happen to go on 4 cruises this year.  I know so lucky!  We try to go on 2 family vacations a year.  But instead of going on one last December we went January 1st of this year.  We then got to go with my parents and daughter on a cruise.  The 3rd cruise was definitely a bonus cruise.  We have never been to Canada and with the stress of trying to conceive for the 3rd time we booked the cruise last minute.  I found out I was pregnant a week before we left.  Then the last cruise was with a group of 3 other couples at the end of December.  After being a software trainer, and going on 12 cruises I have compiled my travel tips for you here.

This year at church I started working on Operation Christmas child.  We has the goal of 10 boxes and completed 16.  Next year I can not wait to try again. We had a bible study at our house for most of the year and I worked at children’s church all until I got pregnant and sick.  I am excited that other are now doing these things and I feel blessed that I am able to attend.  The groups of people that I have met at these different groups have been such a blessing in my life.  They teach me so much and help me in my own life.

The end of the year was busy with the purchase of an SUV (we have not purchased a new vehicle in years), the Christmas holiday celebrating at 5 houses in 2 days, and then my husband having off with a cold to get ready for New Years Eve and our little girls 3rd birthday party.  I have to admit, New Years is not what it use to be before a child but everything has a season.  A packed exciting year where I achieved many goals that I started before this year.



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