50 Things to Know About Creating Habits of a Wealthy Person: Learn the Things Wealthy People Do that Most of the Population Does Not

wealthy personYou aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.

Financial freedom is one of the biggest dreams for so many people today.  The problem is that those of us who are not wealthy seem to find ourselves in a trap each and every day where we seem to only be getting poorer.  To be able to find financial freedom there are many things that you should consider and learning to live like the rich do is one of them.

 Rich people have a different mindset and a different focus than most of the poor.  So when it comes to learning how to become wealthy it is a great idea to look at these tips that the wealthy follow each and every day.  Focusing on what you can change is a great way to be on your way to financial freedom and potentially finding how you can become wealthy one day.

 These tips are simple and only require that you start looking at life and money differently.  Learning to think about how you can change things is something that everyone is capable of doing.  Learning about this mindset change will send you on your way to get wealthy.


1.  Do Not Waste Your Money on Junk Food

Few wealthy people consume 300 calories or more in junk food on a daily basis.  Most of the non-wealthy consume over 300 calories in junk food.  Choosing healthy foods can be proven to have benefits on the body and brain, making a person think more clearly and be more apt to do great things.

2.  Never Gamble

A very small percentage of wealthy people choose to gamble regardless of how much money they could throw away.  They look at gambling as a waste of money and since few ever actually make money it is a trap for those who want to get rich quick.  Investing money is a much safer way to make money and one that will eventually pay off in the end and while it does take more time than gambling it is something that has a reality where you would make money.

3.  Focus on a Goal Every Day

Each day you should wake up with a goal in mind.  Choose a goal that you can achieve and work on a different goal once you have achieved your first one.  Find a goal that is small and work towards being able to achieve that goal all of the time.  Rich people know that working towards goals keeps them going towards something each and every day.

4.  Exercise for it’s Benefits

There are many different benefits that exercise has for your body.  Not only does exercise improve cardiovascular health but it also improves mental focus and clarity.  Exercise will help you to be more healthy both inside and out and help you to maintain a healthy optimal weight.  Wealthy people know these benefits and exercise on an average at least five days per week.

5.  Have a To-Do List

Who has a to-do list?  That’s right most of us probably do but the difference between what rich people do and the rest of us do is that they keep multiple lists.  They keep a list of long term goals and a list of short term goals that they can achieve.  They work on these lists a little at a time always make sure to cross items off each day.

6. Listen to Books on Tape

The rich do not listen to music during their commute or spare time.  Instead the majority of the wealthy choose to listen to something that helps them continue to learn.  They listen to motivational tapes and books on tape to keep their minds working all of the time.

7.  Make Children Read Non-Fiction

Rich people often make their children read and they choose to have their children read non-fiction books.  Instead of reading books about characters they encourage their children to read about successful people that they can emulate their lives after.  This develops a love of reading in their child while teaching them valuable life skills as well.

8.  Have Children Learn through Volunteer Work

Children can learn a lot by volunteering.  The wealthy know this and instead of their children having jobs many of them are forced to have to volunteer for a certain number of hours each week.  These parents look at this volunteer work as their job and encourage their children to learn different skill sets by volunteering.

9. Make Calls to Wish Friends and Family a Happy Birthday

While it might sound silly.  It has been proven that the majority of people who are wealthy pick up their phones and call friends and family to wish them a happy birthday.  The rest of the population seems to favor posting on Facebook or sending a text message.

10. Write Your Goals Down

Have all your goals written down.  It does not matter if they are long term goals, dreams that you do not expect to accomplish but would love to, or are goals for the week.  Write them down and put them someplace where you can add to them and look at them on a regular basis.  If you are a fan of a word processor print them out to hold in your hands.  This is one great way to be able to make sure that you always remember your goals and what you are working on.


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