50 Things to Know About Decluttering Your Wardrobe: What to Keep, What to Donate, and What to Sell

wardrobeLife is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

There are few tasks in any woman’s life that they dread more than cleaning out their wardrobe.  This is because every woman struggles with what they should keep, get rid of, or wear.   The fact remains that this process can be simple and easy and something that requires little pain.

There are some quick and easy tips where you can figure out how to best clean out your closet.  With these tips you will know what to keep, what you should sell, and what you can donate for a tax write off.  You might even find with the money that you make from selling that you can purchase the items that you want this season.

You can clean out the closet and find yourself free from clutter, making easier choices each day that you get ready, and never being unable to find what you want to wear.  In fact by cleaning out the closet in the right way you will make yourself feel like you had more than you did before.  Plus you will know how to best put together outfits.

1.  Keep Only Your Favorite Clothes that are a Reasonably Smaller Size

Let’s face it almost all women and most men have smaller sized clothing in their closet.  This is something that can be encouragement to lose weight but it can also be discouraging after years of not being able to wear them.  Instead of keeping all of your smaller clothes keep those that are only one or two sizes smaller than what you wear and get rid of the rest.

2.  Do Not Have a Wardrobe Full of Clothes that Do Not Fit

There is no need to have a wardrobe full of smaller sized clothes.  Instead keep the high end pieces, nice jeans, and other pieces that will not go out of style.  Get rid of the pieces that are trendy or are not popular at this time because chances are you will never wear them again anyways.

3.  Get Rid of All Mom Jeans and Burn Them

While you might not really want to burn them because of synthetic materials and that would be damaging to the environment you must get rid of all mom jeans.  Any jeans that have a high rise that comes up over your belly button should be out.  There is never a time that these will be in style again and you should avoid wearing these at all cost.

4.  Burn Anything with Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads are something that is never going to be in style.  While you will find that many clothing styles are coming back you should take note that the shoulder pads are definitely not one of them.  They were not a flattering style and they are something that did not look good on anyone.

5. Have Essential Pieces that Will Change With Seasons and Styles

There are many essential pieces of clothing that are going to stay in style and look good no matter what year it is.  These essential pieces are something that is not going to be out of style and something that you can keep in your wardrobe regardless.  Choose pieces that are well made, high quality, and will be appreciated in different seasons and during different styles.

6. Make Sure to Keep Only Clothes that Fit Well

You will have some clothes that do not fit well and you will have clothes that fit well.  Choose to only keep the ones that fit you well.  While some clothes might fit your friends well you should avoid the clothes that are not made for your body type.

7. Clear Out Colors You Do Not Like

Look through your closet and check out the different colors that you own.  If you own clothes in colors that you no longer wear then get rid of them.  Chances are that you realized that this color does not look good on you so you should avoid it.

8. Get Rid of Anything that You Have Not Worn in Over a Year

Go through your closet and pull out anything that you can not remember the last time that you wore it.  If it has been over a year since you have worn something then there is a good chance that you are not going to be wearing it frequently.  So get rid of it and remember that something new would probably fit you better anyways.

9. Consider How Many Formal Outfits You Need

Most women and men have different formal outfits in their closets.  While the formal clothing may look great on you the chance that you will ever wear it again is slim.  Formal clothing can sell for a great price too so sell it and use the money for clothes that you can actually wear.

10.  Clear Out Shoes that You Haven’t Worn in a Year

If you have shoes that you have not worn in over a year get rid of them too.  Of course consider if you have not worn them for a specific reason and if you might wear them again with certain outfits but as a general rule of thumb get rid of the shoes that you do not wear just like the clothes.  Look at the shoes too and get rid of any that are damaged or worn out.


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