50 Things to Know to Decorate Your Home on a Budget: Transform Your House Inside and Out

Decorate-Your-Home-on-a-BudgetShouldn’t all the rooms be living?

A home is more than just simply the place that you reside. A home is a place where you live- where everyday life takes place. Your family grows as children come in and shrinks as they move out. As I have always heard, “Home is where the heart is.”

Create a home that is warm and inviting by making just a few simple changes in the design of your home. Simple changes such as paint color and flooring can make all the difference in the world.

Join us as we transform our home into a more warm and inviting place- a place where we want to be, instead of a place where we don’t.


1. Paint Quality Furniture


This is a hope chest that was in my parents basement for years.  I painted it will Eddie Bauer Sea Breeze paint from Lowes in Valspar paint.  I like how it turned out. The piece adds a pop of color to the room and makes it feel much more inviting.

2. Add Symmetry


Add symmetry to any room by having one focal point in the middle, then adding objects on either side to create balance. Here, we have used the dining table as the focal point and everything else just falls into place.

3. Save Money on Electric with Remote Control Outlets


 After doing some comparison shopping at Lowes, we recently purchased these 3-pack Wireless Remote Control Outlet Switch from Amazon.com for about $15.  We love them, and our 11 month old loves playing with each switch, and the remote.  Now I can hold the baby and turn off all the lights before leaving the house.

4. Purchase New Appliances


 New appliances will save you money on electricity and, as an added bonus, they look nice.  You can usually find really good deals on Craigslist. Choose the stainless steel look to keep everything more modern.

5. Apply a Countertop Transformation

After living with green countertops for almost a year, we decided we needed to do something. To install new laminate the estimate was $1,200 and for granite $2,000.  So this $250 http://www.modernmasterstransformations.com was in our price range!  My skill set does not involve removing countertops, but I can paint! Not that it is my favorite thing to do.  This was a 2 day process, but we are happy with the outcome.  Maybe a back-splash will be next? 🙂  They have a similar kit for cabinets

 6. Install a Microwave As Hood Over Oven

 Install your microwave over the oven as a hood. This will not only save you some countertop space, it will also update your kitchen. As with your other appliances, choose the stainless steel look to keep the kitchen modern looking.

7. Tile Your Kitchen Backsplash


Create a backsplash behind your stove and under the microwave with tiles. This adds some texture and beauty to this space. The tiled backsplash will also serve as a focal point for the room. You can even get creative and do a tile mosaic picture.

8. Add Pottery


 If you have a cabinet that has open windows in it, you can add pottery to the shelves. This brings art and beauty into this area. Our cabinet was purchased a few years ago at a college sale.

9. Add a Floating Shelf


Add a floating shelf above the television in the living area. This gives you an extra space to display plants, pictures, etc. Plus, it breaks up the wall where the television is and makes it less boring.

10. Create a Kitchen Organization Area


To keep everyone organized and to keep the refrigerator from getting all cluttered up, we have an area with a calendar and a message board for notes. I also keep the meal plan for the week posted.

11. Paint Old Lights Bright Colors

50 Things to Know to Decorate On A Budget


You can find lighting at a thrift store or a garage sale.  Add a bright paint color to the entire lamp as well as the chain.  This will add a pop of color and a focal point.

12. Purchase Glass Containers50 Things to Know to Decorate On A BudgetDecorate-Your-Home-on-a-Budget

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