50 Things to Know to Live a Raw Vegan Lifestyle: Eating and Living for Heath and Energy

Vegan LifestyleLet your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.

A raw vegan diet is a diet that is highly effective in helping you to achieve your optimal health.  It is believed that eating raw foods will help to keep dangerous chemicals from forming in the cooking process.  Many others believe that they can gain significant spiritual growth through the diet as well.

 This diet aims at helping to look at food as a way of life and learning how different foods can drastically improve life for you.  If you are eating raw vegan there are good chances that you will be sick less, have fewer digestive issues and struggles, and even feel better all around.  Your mood will improve and you will have more energy too.

 Being raw vegan is a kind way of life for animals too.  You will protect some animals from the harmful fate, abuse, and torture that they face at the hands of the meat and dairy industries.  Choosing vegan means that you will not be consuming any animal products at all.

1. Have a Support System

You will need friends who are like minded.  Have a support system so that you can have the help that you need to stick to your new lifestyle.  There are many people who are eating and living this way and probably even some who are close to you.  Connect with these people for the most help in changing your life.

2. Keep Focus on Why You Chose Raw Vegan

Before you start eating raw vegan make sure that you make a list of the reasons that you are changing your lifestyle.  Have this list where you can view it on a regular basis.  When things get tough reviewing this list will help you remember why you chose to eat vegan in the first place and can make it easier to stick to the diet.

3. Learn to Buy for a Few Days

Instead of shopping for a week or longer, when you eat raw you must learn to shop for a few days at a time.  You will have to make sure that you can change your way of shopping.  This is a great way to learn how to be able to eat vegan by shopping for a few days at a time.

4. Learn What is Safe to Eat Raw

There are many different types of food that are not safe to eat raw.  However there are many foods that are completely safe.  You should make sure that you learn how to eat raw and choose the foods that are going to be safe for you.

5. Try Foods Raw that You Might Not Have Tried Before

Never be afraid to try something that you would not have previously tried.  Your food choices will be quite limited from what they had been before.  Choosing raw foods that you might not think look good now is one way to be willing to try new things in the future.  You will surprise yourself the longer that you are vegan by how expansive your taste buds will become.

6. Consider the Purchase of Green Produce Bags

There are many different brands of green produce bags available on the market today.  With there being so many you can easily find some that are going to work.  These are something that is great to have around so that you can keep the food fresh for a longer period of time.

7. Clean Out the Refrigerator

There are many reasons that you should clean out the refrigerator.  This is because you do not want harmful germs and chemicals in the fridge that could affect the raw foods that you will be eating.  This is going to help you to avoid any illnesses that could be caused by food that is meant to be cooked.

8. Make Sure the Refrigerator is Working Right

You should make sure that your refrigerator is in good working condition.  Make sure that your foods are going to be kept at the right temperature.  This will make it slower for the foods to spoil.

9. Clean Your Stove Completely

There are many reasons that you will want to completely clean your stove.  One of these is to keep the harmful food germs that must be heated over the temperature that raw vegans can successfully use.  Make sure that you consider the different choices in cleaners and know what is available for your needs.

10. Use Your Blender

As you become raw vegan your blender is going to be your best friend.  You can prepare a number of different recipes with the blender.  These include smoothies and other drinks, soups, and a number of sauces that will accompany your foods in new ways.


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