50 Things to Know About Being a Minimalist: Downsize, Organize, and Live Your Life

50 Things to Know About Being a Minimalist: Downsize, Organize, and Live Your LifeSimplicity is something that many people try to achieve.  The problem with trying to be a minimalist in today’s society is that there are things everywhere that attempt to detract your attention by making you desire more.  With so many advertisements on television, in the mail, on billboards, and even in magazines it is no wonder that our society has gotten to a point where it seems that everyone is just searching for how much more they can get.

It has gotten to a point where everyone seems focussed on being able to get the next latest and greatest model of everything.  Our society is so disposable that even this year’s hottest electronic is going to be outdated within the next three years.  This goes for everything and has given people the desire to have more all of the of time.

While it is impossible to gauge the effects of the constant advertisement and marketing that is bombarded at everyone.  It is possible to note that even with all of these things people are not happier, there are more people seeking help for depression or anxiety.  In fact it would seem that the constant striving for something better has given everyone more reasons to feel bad about themselves when they can not obtain them.

1.  Turn Off Your Television

While the idea of turning off the television might have occurred to you before, it is not until you take this step that you can truly become free from TV.   Not all television is bad but when your life revolves around the television you are allowing yourself to be constantly bombarded by infomercials and advertisements.  This leads to desires for more and then a disappointment when you cannot have everything that you desire.

2.  Read Your News Online

News used to be found in the form of a newspaper or watching television in the evenings.  Today you can read all of your news online.  This keeps you from being exposed to the advertisements, coupons, and most of all clutter from having newspapers lying around your house.

3.  Make Your Furniture Choices Count

Extra clutter and extra furnishings in your home can make your space seem small.  Clutter becomes overwhelming and causes stress.  When you shop for furnishings you have to make them count by choosing pieces that are multi-functional and do more than one job while taking up the least amount of space.

4.  Download all Music in Digital Formats

CDs are another thing of the past and one of those things that can take up a lot of space which creates more clutter in your home.  Simplify your music by downloading all of your favorite CDs into digital formats.  When you have everything digitized it will be organized where you never have to search for a CD again so it not only keeps your home more organized but it also helps you to save time and energy when you want to hear a specific song.

4. Put Your Stuff Away Right After You Use It

Most people teach their children to put away their toys when they are done playing but they do not take their own advice.  It is important and quite simple to put away everything that you use when you are finished.  Not only does this keep your house free from unnecessary clutter but it simplifies your space making you feel more relaxed and calm.

5. Make Sure Everything Has a Place

One of the biggest problems that many people face is not knowing where to put their things.  Making a space for everything makes it easier to put away.  It also helps you to be more of a minimalist because when you cannot find a space for something you either have to create one or decide to get rid of that item.

6. Have a Routine for Cleaning

Routines are a great way to simplify your life and become more of a minimalist.  This is because routines become habits and habits are part of who we are.  When we have a routine for cleaning it is not a big chore but rather something that we just do as part of our daily lives which keeps it simple and keeps us from being overwhelmed.

7. Do Your Laundry in Large Batches

Having one laundry day each week might seem like it would require more work and cause you to spend more time doing the laundry.  In reality keeping your laundry to just one day each week will keep you from wasting countless hours all week long trying to keep on top of the things.  You will have to remain dedicated to your one day and willing to put all other plans on hold until your laundry is done or you might end up so far behind that it is actually difficult to get caught back up.

8. Keep Hobbies to a Minimum

No one has time for multiple hobbies.  You should pick the ones that you like the most and stick with them.  If you do this then you can minimize the amount of hobby stuff that you have lying around your house.  You can also minimize the number of storage areas and really focus on getting your life in order.

9. Rid Your Home of One Item a Day

When you start working on minimizing it can be overwhelming if you have collected a lot of things over the years.  Instead of being so overwhelmed that you do not know where to start, start in one room, and get rid of one thing each day.  Just by getting rid of one thing a day you will quickly reduce the clutter that you have lying around your house.

10. Get Rid of One Item for Every New Item that Comes into Your Home

Clutter can pile up quickly so when you bring something new into your home it is a great idea to get rid of an item at the same time.  The rule should be that for every one new thing you bring into your home you must get rid of one old thing.  By doing this you will keep your home clutter free and well organized with ease.

11. Never Throw Your Clothes on the Floor

Regardless of whether the clothing that you take off is clean or dirty you must put it away in the appropriate place immediately.  This could mean that you put your dirty clothes directly into a hamper or that you hang your clean clothes back up or put them away if you decide not to wear them.  This is something that can really help you to have a well-organized neat home where you can live as a minimalist.

12. Put Clothing Away by Categories

There are many different ways that people choose to organize their clothes but the best way is to organize them by categories.  You can easily put your shirts with other shirts, organizing by sleeve length,  and your pants with other pants.  When you do this it prevents you from having to struggle to find what you are looking for and you will always have something to wear.

13. Purchase Clothes that You Can Wear in More Than One Way

To be a minimalist you really have to try to obtain fewer things in your home.  The closet is one place where people fail at doing this so when it comes to purchasing clothing choose pieces that you can wear in multiple ways.  Pick items that you can layer or wear together or alone to create the most looks from the fewest number of pieces.

14. Choose a Haircut that Requires Less Time

Some people find that they can never get ready on time.  When you become a minimalist you will find that you can streamline your life and eventually you will get ready in no time.  One requirement is to choose a haircut that can be simply styled so you never have to worry about taking a lot of time to style your hair.

15. Determine a Beauty Routine

Bathrooms are another place where clutter can quickly pile up.  Think about your own bathroom and how many different jars of creams and lotions that you have.  Becoming a minimalist will require you to find a beauty routine that works and to minimalize your products so that you only have a few.

By: Emily Woodhull

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