50 Things to Know About Throwing a Kids Birthday Party

50 Things About Throwing a Birthday Party

“Think left and think right and think low and think high

Oh, me thinks you can think up if only you try,” Dr. Seuss.

There are so many ideas and thoughts and suggestions about how to host children’s parties. You may have read some, heard some and had some party experiences. Now it’s your turn to be the host! You have thought and thought and looked high and low for ideas. There are all sorts of possibilities but where do you begin and how do you make it all work? The whole idea of a party that your child is really going to enjoy, won’t destroy your home, or be too expensive, just seems too daunting.

Children’s birthday parties do not have to be the worst nightmare you can imagine. The tried and trusted ideas in this book will help you feel more confident about the arrangements and management of the party. There are some basics you need to plan that suit the age group attending the party. Knowing what is age appropriate makes a difference. This book will give guidelines and suggestions for toddler parties up to and including pre-teens.

Knowing how to keep the children entertained is one of the biggest challenges of the party host. This ‘How to Book’ will give you information that will help you feel in control of the event. Planning the food and a birthday cake, while keeping your budget in mind, is also a key factor. So read and rejoice in the fact that 50 Things to Know about throwing a Kid’s Birthday Party, will help you to ‘think up if only you try’ and have a great party for your child.

1. Planning is the very best way to start

Start planning early and save the date. Let family and friends know you will be having a party and check other events round that time to see if you can host a party. Decide on a time and start a guest list. Let the words of Colonel John ‘Hannibal’ Smith from the A-team ring true for you…
”Love it when a plan comes together”

2. Party theme or just a party?

Thinking of a theme does help with planning but is not essential. Themes can be fun with dress-up options, theme related games and entertainment. Kiddies are ready for themes from 5 years and up. Choose something your child can relate to – a favorite movie, book or super hero character.

3. Color fun or a pick a party letter

If you don’t want a full on character theme try a color code. Pink parties are fun for girls. Boys love reds, blues and greens. Color themes lend themselves to fun group photos and simple décor ideas. Try choosing a letter of the alphabet, the birthday child’s initial perhaps or just P for Party. Everyone comes dressed in something starting with that letter. Peter is having a P party with pirates, princesses, policemen and parrots.

4. Planning a guest list

The agony of the guest list! This is such a personal part of the party plan. It depends on family commitments, ages of the children, class mates and friends. Remember younger children will need their parents so that adds to your guest list. Your first birthday party may turn out to be a family affair while older children enjoy a special treat with a few friends. Whatever the decision, a guest list is a must for the rest of the planning to go smoothly.

5. Writing out invitations

Invitations are great reminders for the guests and for you to finalize dates, times, venue and theme. Have an RSVP number and hope people will reply. If your party has a theme or special dress up plan the invite should have the right information. It is a good idea to be specific about start and finish times. A two hour party is a good average time. Choose a time of day that suits the birthday child, take into account nap times with littlies.

6. Location, location, location

Here is another important aspect of planning the party. Where do you decide to host the event? Is the venue suitable for the age of the guests and the style of the party? Budget is a big factor here. There are places to hire, parks and outdoor venues to visit but maybe you may feel
‘North, South, East, West ….Home is best!’

Read all 50 Things to Know About Throwing a Kids Birthday Party in the book.

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