50 Things to Know About Keeping Your Bills Low

50 Things to Know About keeping your bills lowSave money on the big, boring stuff, so that you have something left for life’s little pleasures. – Elizabeth Leamy


We all have them, some are big, some are small, and some we can’t afford to pay; Bills. I’m here to tell you how to save on a few bills that almost every person has. Electric and gas bills are monthly expenses however we all expect a rise in price throughout the cold months.

Some of the tips I am about to give you will have some costs in the beginning but will save you during the long run. Finding ways to shave down your electric and gas bills don’t have to be complicated. In Actuality the small things we can all do that have the biggest impact.

These fifty tips and tricks will not only cut costs in the winter but will help you save year-round. From turning off lights when you leave the room, to adding a few new things to make those costs go way down. This book will help you cut at least one fourth of your electric and gas bills if you follow most of the steps I am about to lay out for you.

1.  Crank Down

When you begin to turn your heat on for those cold months, dial back two to four degrees. Place a blanket on the back of your couch to use, or wear pants and grab a sweater. Simply dialing back a few degrees on your thermostat can and will save you. Up to 200 dollars a year.

2. Changing Settings

The temperature control on your water heater is almost always set higher then needed. No matter if you have a gas or electric heater turning down the setting will save money. Set the temperature control between 60 and 65 degrees Celsius, 140 to 145 degrees Ferinheight, or if you have a set temperature control you want to set the dial between low and medium. Trust me you will not be able to tell the difference.

3.  Filling Up

Fill your dishwasher, don’t just wash a few items. Filling your dishwasher is not only energy efficient, but also saves water, meaning less hot water is being pulled from your water heater, which will save you money. Plus, with a fuller load of dishes means less loads, also items will move less, ensuring cleaner dishes.

4. Unplug Them

Unplug cords from outlets when you are not using that item. When you think about doing things to save money this is one of the simplest. Done charging your cell phone or laptop? Unplug the charging cord so that the cord doesn’t continue to pull energy not needed.  Are you going to use that electronic in the next few hours? Or is the device going to stay plugged in until your next day off when you get around to using the item again, just unplug. Doing this can amount to saving up to 100 dollars a year. Not much you think but it adds up.

5.Wash Smart

USE COLD WATER, almost everything can be washed in cold. Doing this is not only is cost effective, but keeps colors from fading. All major brands make laundry soap specifically made for washing in cold water. Wash in cold and save money later.

6. Dry Right

Dry loads of laundry one right after another. If you choose one or two days a week to do laundry and wash and dry loads one right after another it can save you. When your dryer is already heated up it will pull less electricity to heat your dryer because the appliance is already warm enough to start drying clothing right away.

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