50 Things to Know About Planning Home Schooling Excursions

50 things to know about planning homeschool excursions (1) Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.  William Butler Yeats


When you are educating your child or children from home there seems so much you  can teach them about the outside world. I was privileged to have a child to educate at home. One of the best lessons from more experienced Home school mothers was these 3 important words. RELAX, Relax, Relax.

My plan in Home Schooling was to cover a fair bit of ground in excursions outside the home. You can tend to fit more in and make many impromptu explorations become learning occasions.  I had one child which meant in some ways it tended to be more difficult. I arranged to have many home schoolers over to our home and likewise went on trips to their homes. Sometimes we stayed for more than a day.

Remember, you can have too much planning, too many resources, and too much formal education.  Keep it Simple. Incorporate life skills with your excursions. The resources included in your backyard, in your Community, in your City, in your State and in your Nation are enormous. Wisely – do put aside lots of things that will always be there to do. Go outside with your child and play with skirts up in mud puddles or enjoy rain water rushing down the curb with them. Immerse yourself with your child in simple outdoor activities.  Your child will remember the time you spent with them more than anything else.

1.  Explaining Home Schooling Excursions

An excursion is normally a short journey away from the home.  An excursion is also generally taken as a leisure activity.  So Home Schooling ladies – please do not feel stressed!  Outside your front door the world awaits in a myriad of forms to take your child on a variety of “education” into our world.  Education taken at leisure is often very agreeable to young minds.

2.   Start a Resource List

Pull out your Notebook or handheld device and start a list of what you consider your resource options.  Include places you would like your children to visit and do. Brain storm on this list – you can borrow from it, change it or piggy back on some of the ideas  Keep this in an easily accessible spot as you will add to it as you read further for lots of ideas I have included in Tip 18 through to 49

3.  Organize Contact Details and Addresses

Do this for any excursion items that you are sure about at this initial stage.  if you are planning for 3 to 12 months it will allow for time change or cancellation. This makes for ease of finding and a lot less hassle

4.  Plot Time Frames

Start to organize possible excursions into Seasonal i.e. strawberry picking, experience hay baling. Timing i.e. see Farmer Joe’s cows being milked, Art Gallery open on week-end or evening i.e. See children’s documentary at neighbor’s house, attend Cultural night at Italian Club.  Transfer from your Resource List to your Diary, Planner, Bullet Journal, handheld device or computer.  If you do use a Bullet Journal you can put your Resource List in the Bullet Journal and put it under your Index.

5.  Phone for Confirmation

Contact people to confirm dates and to check that all is fine with the time still.  Normally a week before works in just fine as a double check that all have the details correctly.  If times have to be changed for whatever reason have some simple easy go to activities in your Resource List.

6.  Gaining Ideas

It is a good idea when doing the confirmation or after the excursion to ask for any other ideas for home schooling activities.  This is good particularly from the person who is involved in your home excursion. For example a farmer, tradesperson, post office organizer, professional in certain fields.  You will find a lot of people are interested in your home schooling and are happy to give input.

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