50 Things to Know About Staying in Hostels

50 things to know about staying in hostelsNot all who wander are lost-J.R.R. Tolkien

            Hello welcome to 50 Things You Need To Know About Staying In Hostels. If you’ve purchased this eBook I’m going to go ahead and assume that you are interested in at least two things; travel, and staying in hostels. If I’m wrong and you’re only reading this because you think it might be funny or interesting then you are also welcome, who knows maybe by the time you’ve reached the end of this eBook you’ll have been converted to the above interests.

This list of 50 things you need to know comes from my personal experiences as a long term hosteller as well as from conversations I have had with my dorm mates about their experiences. It is also a list of things I wish I had known before setting off in my travels.

I hope this eBook inspires you to not be afraid of the hostel life, as it is actually fantastic, I also hope that it allows you to avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way especially as there are so many other mistakes you can make all on your own.

1.Finding The Right Hostel

Once you’ve chosen a booking site you like its time to get down to the business of choosing the right hostel for you. Hostel choice is entirely based on the needs of the individual, do you want something quiet or do you want to be near all the bars and party spots, are you looking for something laid back or a hostel with beer pong tournaments, do you want to be in the center of everything or are you ok with being a couple of  miles from the city center, these are all important questions to ask yourself before hit the confirm button.

2.Booking A Hostel

There are many different resources to book a hostel, mostly all of them are online, such as hostel world, booking, TripAdvisor, or expedia in addition many hostels have their own personal websites. The other option is to just walk in, in the slow season this won’t present a problem as there should be plenty of room but during the high season it’s important to book ahead.

3.Do Your Research

Make sure your hostel location fits your other plans. If you’re planning on sightseeing or ding special tours, then choose  a hostel near to these things or check to see if a specific hostel offers discounts on the activities you want to do.

4.Reviews Aren’t Always Truthful

In my experience you should not take the reviews you read on booking sites as absolute gospel. A review is really just an opinion and is completely up to the individual. If a person had a bad experience they may give a hostel a harsher review, then it deserves. Also many hostels will bribe their guests with free drinks or other perks if they give the hostel a great review.

5.You Get What You Pay For

Hostels vary when it comes to price, you’ll see some hostels with dorms priced as high as 25 dollars a night and others as low as 4$ a night. While you may think that you’ve discovered a great deal you should be very careful to know what you’re getting for that price. It could be that low because it’s in a location that is far away from everything which means you’ll end up paying more in public transport. A low price may also mean it’s a horrible hostel with small rooms, no fans, no Wi-Fi and no amenities. While there are some fantastic deals out there I will still refer you back to tip #3 do your research.

6.Hostels Have Private Rooms

Just because it’s a hostel doesn’t mean you have to stay in a dorm room shared with 12 people. There are some hostels that offer private rooms that will fit between 1-3 people. You can still enjoy the social scene of a hostel but then have your own private retreat to go to.

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