50 Things to Know About "The Real World"

50 Things to Know About the real world

“In Omnia Paratus: ready for anything” –Gilmore Girls

Life comes at you, ready or not. Life throws you more challenges than you could possibly even consider. This world can be an honestly cruel place, and the most breathtakingly beautiful all at the same time. There’s a lot that we aren’t taught and told about the “real world”.  This world has broken my heart many times, but life’s about finding that silver lining, overcoming the obstacles and making the best darn lemonade with those ugly lemons.

Worry not. I am here to shed a light, provide insight or at least serve as the Guinea Pig for “The Real World” and what it throws at us. This book will highlight the things that we aren’t prepared for in “The Real World”, and provide some tips on how to tackle those obstacles.

1.  “The Real World” is Literally Nothing like What We See on T.V.

Unless of course your Lena Dunham’s’ character in GIRLS. Then yes, everything in “The Real World” is exactly like what you see on T.V. But really there isn’t a single person (at this milestone in their life) that has a great dating life, a successful job that pays brilliantly and who lives in the clubs until 4 in the morning and maintains an excellent social life. From personal experiences this person doesn’t exist.  You will go on lots of unsuccessful dates, it will take time until you actually make good money, and you will pay the next morning for sleepless nights.

2. Finding a Job

No one tells you how hard it will be to find a “big girl” job. You will send out your resume to at least 50 places, and may only get a response from 3 of those.  Eventually, you will land some sort of entry level, low salary and long hour’s job, and that is great. Use this job to make connections, especially ones to use for references, and to build your resume.

3.  Finding the Right Job

That first entry level job is wonderful. However, unless you are working in a field that interests you, you will get bored, and you will want more. If you have a career field that you are certain about, look for jobs through search engines like Monster and indeed. Craigslist is another great option for exploring. Always be careful of scams, but Craigslist has hundreds of job postings a day, and may give a lot of new options that aren’t postings from major corporations.  The right job with the right company will come along. Set alerts on your phone or computer for jobs similar to your field of interest. It also doesn’t hurt to simply send out your resume. You will be a pro by this point and eventually, someone will see your potential.

4.  Get Used to Rejection

Seriously, you will be rejected so many times your first 6 months out of college; you won’t know what to do. Rejection is hard. And frankly, it can get you in a rut. Most aren’t prepared for this part of the equation. In school we are constantly rewarded for doing well, putting in effort, and showing perseverance. Not in “The Real World”. No boss or employer is going to give you a gold star or good grade for trying really, really hard.  “The Real World” is highly competitive, and being rejected is just part of the equation.


5. Say Yes More Often

YouTube and Google are wonderful things. They are great resources on learning how to do something new. By saying yes, you are subjecting yourself to a new learning experience and new opportunities that would not happen if you said no.


6. You Are the Only Person in Charge of You

Your parents, family and friends may give great advice, but it is important you remember that you are an independent person that needs to make your own decisions. If you ever feel confused, revert to your 5 year plan (we will discuss this more in-depth later). It is important to remind yourself of what your goals are and it is important to ask yourself how this decision will impact you right now, in the near future and in 20 years.

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