50 Things to Know Before Cruising with Kids

50 things to know  about cruising with kidsWe made it back from out 6th cruise with our kids.  We love to cruise.  So bringing them along with us seemed like the right thing to do.  Don’t worry other people cruise with their kids too.  I created a list of 50 Things that you may want to know before cruising with kids.  I hope they are helpful to start planning a trip with the kids in your life. We have mostly been on NCL cruises but this may work for most cruise lines.

1. Have Picky Eaters?

There is rice, noodles, grapes, and chicken.  Also french fried and ice cream.  So even picky kids will find food to eat.

2. Plan Excursions

Before you book an excursion, do your research.  Make sure the excursion is ok for kids.  For example, one time we went jet skiing and had to go really fast.  Too fast for kids.  Just do your research before you book. We did a glass bottom boat tour once and loved it.

3. Plan Your Days on Shore

Before we left for our last cruise to Bermuda I planned where we wanted to go, how many bus tickets we needed, and what we were interested in on shore.  Our plans were flexible.  I did not pay for anything in advance incase something came up.  We had friends visit the island only a week before, so we had a park date and I caught up on some things I should bring and planning ideas.  For example, she said not to take the bus from 5:30-6:30 as they are very full.  This was a helpful tip.

4. Show

The boats have a show almost every night.  Most shows are great for kids to see.  They can see the entire production.  The lights, the sounds, and the stage.  Also you can leave when you want if your kids are not interested.  Our older daughter goes to kids club now during this time because she loves it.  Our younger daughter is usually in bed by the time the show starts.  But both have enjoyed a few show along the way.

5. Bring Water Bottles

I like to carry water bottles for each of the kids during the entire trip.  This way they do not become dehydrated.  I like to choose ones that are easy to carry for us and them.  There are many places to fill them through out the day. This will also save you from having to buy bottled water.

6. Bring Disposable Toys

I am using the word disposable above because you may loose them.  I like to bring a few small plastic animals and a stuffed animal each.  Then they can use them in the pool, beach, and in the room to play.  This is an example for smaller children.  We have lost these toys int he past.  So instead of bringing their favorite toys, maybe you should bring something that can get lost.

7. Bring Floating Toys

Since on a cruise children will be in the pool and at the beach, bringing floating toys may be helpful.  This includes a rubber ducky, or pool toys such as a rafter or swimmies.  These are easy to pack and keep kids entertained.

8. Bring a Blanket

Having one blanket from home for each child will make them feel more at home in the room.  This blanket will be in their own spot in the room every night for them.  You may want to bring a back up incase your kids have an accident.

9. Go For Walks

There is so much do see and do on a cruise ship.  One thing we like to do is get the stroller out and go for a walk. There are many decks were you can see different things.  You can point out colors or shapes to kids as an activity.

10. Find the Sports Area for Balls

Kids of all ages like to play with soccer balls, basket balls, and tennis balls.  When the court is not in use let the kids run around and play with them.  This is a great place for parents to get some fresh air while the kids get to “get out some energy”.

11. Kids Club

Our little one loves going to kids club.  This is a place where they are watches for free for about 2 hour periods during the day.  Each ship and cruise line is different.  We brought her here during dinner time.  She actually thinks kids club and the pool are her favorite part of the cruise because they do so many fun activities.

12. Baby Sitting

They usually do have some babysitting at night.  But we have never used this service.

13. Ice Cream Station

I thought I would mention the ice cream station separately since we love this part of the cruise.  They have free ice cream almost any time of the day.

14. Buffet

15. Sit Down Dinner.

16. Pool and Slides

17. Other Activities

18. Bed Made for You Every Day

19. No Cooking

20. No Laundry

21. Bring a Bag for Off the Ship

22. Bring an Around the Ship Bag

23. Find a Place to Play

24. Bring the Right Clothes

25. Polite Staff and Guests

26. Best Walking Decks

27. Transportation

28. Correct Stroller

29. Car Seats or Not?

30. Electonic Games

31. Diapers / Formula

32. Nap Time

33. Find Music Around the Ship

34. Buffet Eating Plan

35. Each take a Child or a Few

36. Sun Portection

37. Movies

38. Sail Away Party

39. Life Boat Drill

40. Dr. On Board

41. Pack and Play and Pull Down Beds

42. Drinks

43. Showering Bathtub

44. Drinks

45. Towel Animals

46. Bring Camera

47. Pictures from the Ship

48. Types of Rooms

49. Cereal in a Box

50. Have Fun


This post will be updated with all 50 Tips.

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