50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby Goodreads Review and Giveaway

50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby Goodreads Review and GiveawayThis book would make a great baby shower gift for a friend or family member with their first child. This book has 17 – 4 or 5 star reviews by real people who have read the book.

Lisa Rusczyk took a blog post that received over 1 million views and created a book out of the post and comments.  She had trouble finding concise information in one place after giving birth to her first child.  She created this book to share this information with her friends and family in the future.  Hopefully this book will help other woman with being pregnant and having a baby.

One reviewer writes:  It is what it says! Funny and simple tips, quite helpful.. I would recommend it for a new mom, great value for money!

Another positive review: The author placed very useful information in her books. She decided to focus on very useful topics which come up to mothers who are pregnant. The information she shared in this book is extremely important to know and since I’m a medical student, we go through hours and hours of training in embryology and gynecological principles and I think the author summed up a lot of what we learned throughout medical school. I suggest anyone who’s going to have a child or any women who are pregnant to pick up this book. It is easy to read and very useful.

Book Description

Publication Date: December 27, 2013
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How Much Do You Know About Having a Baby?Do you know what cervix checks are? Did you know you can bleed for a couple weeks after giving birth? Do you know how to stay organized, even with a child?This is a collection of 50 simple tips that any pregnant woman would like to know before having a baby. The book offers practical timeless tips including organization tips, advice for visiting the Doctor’s office, and things a pregnant woman should learn or complete before the new bundle of joy arrives. A great quick read for a soon to be new Mom or someone who is helping a soon to be Mom! The book also includes tools including Website Resources, Baby Feeding/Diaper Schedule, Mom Medicine Schedule, Baby Clothes Size Chart, Baby Sitter Sheet, Short Hospital Bag Checklist, After Recovery Kit, Baby Medicine Basket Items, and 10 Things to Know When Traveling with a baby.

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50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby by Lisa Marie Rusczyk

50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby

by Lisa Marie Rusczyk

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