50 Things to Know Before Starting a Van Life Adventure

50 Things to Know About starting a van life adventureEvery day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.

-Matsuo Basho

This book is meant to aide anyone planning or even just wanting to learn a bit about living a life on the road.  In today’s fast paced, crazy world, more and more people are longing for an alternative, slower paced life style.  A life on the road will certainly be a change of pace, and with a bit of planning, a certain success.

It’s much too easy to run through life at full speed, missing so many beautiful things along the way.  This book is written specifically for travel within the United States.  If you wish to take your adventure out of the country, please be sure to research the road laws before you go.

The United States is so full of easily accessible land, and the terrain is infinitely variable.  Our beautiful country has more than a life-time of stunning vistas, infinite sunsets and sunrises, and many more magical things to see, feel, and experience.  I hope this book helps inspire you, the reader, the soon to be van-lifer, to go out and explore these beautiful sights along with us.

1.  Plan your journey

Planning will save you money and headache.  You may have a specific destination in mind, or a goal for the trip, but the real magic happens on the journey.  Plan where you want to go, for how long you want to be gone, what you want to see, and anything else you would like to encounter on the adventure.

2.  Purchase a map

Having a physical road map is not only fun to have, but it is extremely useful to see your surrounding areas and chart your vehicle’s progress.  Bring a highlighter along with you to trace your route so you can look back and see where you’ve gone.  You never know when or if you may experience a GPS failure, and if you need to find the nearest town before the gas tank reaches empty, a map will save you.

3.  Create a route

Once you have a destination or places of interest, look to the map.  Even if you don’t stick to the map 100%, it will be a good starting point for your travels.  Use the triple AAA website, google maps, or even look to some Reddit forums on best routes available.

4.  Choose the vehicle

You can embrace the van life fully by considering a reliable, used van and renovating it.  Or, achieve the same essence of the van life but with any vehicle.  The real trick is choosing something that can comfortably fit you, possibly a partner, and your essential belongings.

5. Decide on what to do with your house/apartment

Do you sublet, or give up the lease and move your furniture into storage?  Do you sell your house completely?  Your call.  Just make sure to give yourself plenty of time to figure out what the best plan of action will be.

6. Forward mail to a relative’s house or rent a P.O. Box

Did you know that virtual post office boxes exist? There are programs at some P.O. Box stores (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) that are specifically geared toward long periods of leave, and will upload your incoming mail to a virtual mailbox.  You usually pay a monthly fee, but if you expect important documents, it may be worth looking into.

Read all 50 Things to Know Before Starting a Van Life Adventure in the book.


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