50 Things to Know To Get A Part Time Job

50 Things to Know To Get A Part Time Job 

 Written by: Khurram Shahzad


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“Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.”

Margaret Thatcher


Part-time employment is defined as “people in employment (whether employees or self-employed) who usually work less than 30 hours per week in their main job”. Statistical analysis indicates a rapid growth of part time workers all over the world in past few years. This phenomenon attributed to many reasons. Some of them may included; to meet financial constraints, non-availability of full time job, lack of time for full time job, to get job experience in multiple fields, financing studies etc. A substantial upward trend has been witnessed in women taking keen interest in part time works.

Getting a part time work involves plenty of hardship, research and fatigue especially for women workers. Fact is that it’s something which does not fall from heavens into one’s lap.

The book under your study is especially designed to help the people finding part time job especially women. The book covers various important aspects of the topic including finding and then applying for suitable jobs, ways to improve your personal and professional skills, prominent job areas and time management. Contents were covered precisely to make things understand easily. Therefore I hope, this effort will fulfill the requirement of women job seekers to a greater extent.



I want to dedicate this book to the people who are working hard in their life, for their love ones, for their families, to achieve their targets, to become successful in life. I want to dedicate this book to the working women of the World who have challenged the hardships of life with great bravery.

About The Author


 Author is well a known Transcriptionist and writer of Television Programs, Podcasts¸ Reports and analysis on Political situation around the World.

Khurram is Public speaker and Motivation trainer. He trained hundred of entrepreneurs and makes a deep research on Entrepreneurship.

Purpose of writing this book is to contribute tremendous experience to help the individuals seeking best part time jobs to fulfill their desirous dreams.

Why We Need A Part Time Job

Before moving ahead, we should be very clear that why we need a part time job? According to research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, six million people want to work part-time (an increase of 12 percent since 2007). It’s not because they can’t find full-time jobs but they simply don’t want them. According to another research, more than 20 million Americans are working less than 35 hours a week for non-economic reasons, according to BLS. (An estimated 66 percent of those 20 million workers are doing so for reasons such as taking care of family, going to school, or are semi-retired. Especially females are increasingly opting for part-time jobs that not just pay well but also help them maintain a good work-life balance. Choosing part time job have several reason, many people wanted to work part time or 3-4 hours with higher rates instead of sitting long time in office. Some people work part time as they want to achieve big financial targets within minimum span of time, mostly youngsters want to get more experience while working part time. Most of the times women worked part time to meet the expenses of their beloved family. So, there are plenty of reasons to opt part time job.

Write your Bio Data and Academic Achievements


Write concise Biography of yourself at the start of Profile. Then list out your academic achievements, Scholarships awards, awards and honors from academic institutions will help you to get an impression of your hardworking and professionalism at first sight.

Define Your Career Goals


Defining your career goals is very important aspect, this will describes how you are optimistic towards your future. You can mention your goals for 10 years, 15 years and 20 years. You can also describe your future plan in order to accomplish these goals.

Define Your Strength


Describe what personal qualities like leadership skills, organizational skills, Self-esteem and confidence, positive attitude toward learning, Initiative, energy and persistence to get the job done, do you possess which makes you a valuable asset.

Enhance Your Skills


Employers are always looking for evidence that you have the required skills and experiences which they need. Skill development is only way for people to assess their potential hidden in themselves, improve their qualities and get high earnings.

Get More Learned


While going for other job, keep focusing on more and more learning about employers, about new ideas, job market, people’s experiences etc. This will help a great deal in making your mind for part time job. This is era of knowledge, Keep looking around and have a better work for you.

Stay Cool Headed


Its fact that Part time or casual jobs can be much stressful especially when you are doing it during late evening hours. After commitments during all the day, you might find it really hard to keep stress away from you. It becomes more obvious when you are enrolled in some customers relation or public dealing work. So, you must learn to work in a stressful environment and to develop stress tolerances. Keep yourself calm like a good professional regardless to any situation.

Effective Decision Making


Making good decisions is a quality that will help you to lead the life you want. Good decision-makers are sought after in the workplace and can use their skills to excel in their career. Always make a deep analysis of situation before taking any Decision.

Visualize The Success


Experts believe that taking a few minutes every day to visualize specific goals may have a significant impact on achieving  the goals. In some cases research has revealed that mental practices are almost as effective as true physical practice. Before you go to sleep at night, try closing your eyes and visualizing your success.

Develop Life Skills for Success


Add Diligence, discipline, initiative and self-motivation like qualities in your life. You will certainly feel easy with your part time work otherwise it can be hard to motivate yourself to go for work. When you put up continued efforts and loyalty to your role and employer, by demonstrating initiative, self-motivation, diligence and discipline, employers will look favorably upon you. Moreover, to be flexible and adapting in tough circumstances is need for success in any type of job, and part-time work is a great place to start getting some practice.


Illustrate Professional Courses


Getting certified is a surefire way to advance your career. A certification holder upholds knowledge, experience, skill sets as well as the ability to shoulder specific job responsibilities. Courses and Certification heads you up when more candidates are applying for the specific job.

Take Career Personality Test


There are many Career personality tests on the web that will psychoanalyze your mind to filter out desirous interesting job. These tests are designed to provide a deep spectrum of thought and help out to vision the destination. The tests will help to figure out your unique interests and ultimately help you down a career path.

Put Together A Portfolio


A portfolio is a great way to keep all of your stuff in one place that present the work you have done before. A portfolio is the best way to gain trust of employer. Portfolio can help you to Market your capabilities in job interviews. Interview portfolios should include the best examples of your skills and abilities from your professional portfolio that are particularly relevant to the position you are seeking.

Get internships


Internship is a real world experience. Joining a company as an intern gives you the opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment. Internship gives you an opportunity to interact with professionals and help you to gain new connections and Network. Internships are great tools to improve your chances as a job applicant and help make you a better potential employee.


Check Your Availability for Job

Before looking for a part time job, think for a moment about your availability for second job. Whether you are spare at evening or night hours. Make sure you have not much commitment affecting your job in near future, for example plan of travelling, studying at university campus or any other social activities. This will greatly help you performing your work responsibilities easily. Do remember as woman worker that only right job is not enough but right job with right timing is the real thing.


Realize Time Is Money

“Time is money” is frequently used phrase. It do makes sense in case of part time job. While going for second job take in your consideration the fact that you earn maximum with minimum time spend. Thinking of money in terms of time is better approach to get a maximum benefit from part time work. It also means to gear up your efforts to get a right job timely to evaluate your precious time.


Make Your Schedule

Working for two jobs always affects one’s home and social life especially for working women. It is therefore, better to draw your time table to meet requirement of second job as well as personal life. Also make sure to follow the same strictly for better time management. Streamline your working hours, analyze time to reach other workplace, plan your weekend or free time to attain full benefits from job. While planning your time, do focus on your personal life and health factor also. Make sure that you take rest and sleep for enough time. This will enable you to continue working at your second job and fulfill your goals.


Avoid Overlapping of Work

Sometimes people use to do two works at same time which might be problematic. Such as someone working as office manager at an office and also do some online work etc. This result in effecting your original job badly and you may make errors and earn bad reputation. Do keeping in mind that your priority must be first job and be ensure that part time work does not affect your performance at first job which is providing more befits to you.


Take Break

When searching for new second job it is necessary to have difference of timing between two jobs. There must be enough time to reach other workplace, to eat and having some rest before going to other work. You may choose weekend for second job for better time management.


Set Your Priority

First decide the purpose and goal of your second work. Either you are looking for job to meet your financial necessities or something else. Many people like get multiple part-time jobs because they like the variety and new job ideas. They want to attain experience, learn skills in multiple fields, considering career change or change in working environment. However, there is fact that maximum ones are working several jobs out of financial needs.


Enlist Works You Like

Firstly search around to get useful information about employers, then make a list of jobs and works. Make another list of your favorite works. This practice may help you greatly to carry more research about jobs and employers and finally in getting desired job.


Look for Work instead of Job

Sometimes people waste their time in search of jobs with handsome salaries. They neglect a lot of valuable works lying around them which can be benefitting. You can choose to do 2 or 3 low income but short hours works rather than a long hour office job and can still get handsome earning. Such works may include salesmanship, various online works, Beautification work etc. So, don’t forget this aspect while looking for part time job.


Check Suitability of Work

Don’t be greedy and always go for a suitable work when looking for part time job rather than focusing only on salary only. For example if you are student or doing full time job as a teacher you may choose to give tuitions at home or at some institution in evening hours as part time work rather than doing any office work. In this case you will find it easy to perform duties and get good benefit also.


Go Online

While seeking a job, best thing is to use cyber option and see online platforms, read newspapers ads, create job alerts etc. There are various virtual platforms helping people to get suitable works according to their priorities and preferences. You may also keep visiting web site platforms of organizations, like banks, hotels, cash & carry etc, uploading your resumes and profiles for have favorable call. Use social media networks and attend job fares online. So, don’t neglect this option.



LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for the business community. LinkedIn allows users (workers and employers) to create profiles and “connections” to each other in an online social network which may represent real-world professional relationships. According to von Rosen, 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers currently use LinkedIn to find candidates, according to von Rosen. With over 350 million global users, LinkedIn is the global search engine for finding people. The place the hiring managers and recruiters go to find candidates. As the Internet’s business network, it is also the single most important place for professionals to network and find unpublished job openings.


Stay Within Locality

Locality of work has a great importance especially for women seeking part time job. Prefer a job within your locality so that you can approach and commute at work place within short span of time. Workplace must be easily in approach of public transport preferably. This will save you from stress and frustration and make you relax.


Consult Career Counselor

While finding a job, sometimes a better to talk to some job or career counselor to get a part time work rather than wasting time yourself. Counselors are better aware of job market and its requirements. Hence, they might suggest you a better work according to your needs and time limits. Career experts, as well as people who’ve dealt with such a work schedule, have so many things advice about that how best to handle multiple jobs.


Keep Looking for Better Options

Even after getting a part time job keep looking for some better work. Build you contacts in organization, learn more, enhance skills and get better position even in same organization you are currently working. Apply your alternatives in better way. Keeping looking for newly emerged organizations and find people practically working in same so as to get better understanding of jobs.



Start Playschool

Playschools for toddlers are becoming a profitable business opportunity, especially for young women. Start your own playschool at home can earn you a lot of money without long working. To acquire attention to your school Banners, newspaper ads, internet etc are some of the best ways.


Hobby Classes

Everyone today wants to try their hand at something new. From painting to cooking and sewing to dancing, people are always willing to learn a new art. If you have the patience to teach, you can make a ton of money. Again, you will need a room in your home where you can run your hobby class.



A well rewarding part-time job, there is a great demand for talented photographers these days. People simply love to document every moment of their lives and they are willing to pay for it. Take a short photography course to master the basics and then give a few free services to friends to spread the word.


Tuition Classes

Running a tuition centre or home tutoring service is one of the best options when to setting up a business from home. Depending on educational qualifications, you can teach children of several age groups, and even young adults. After setting up your business, you need to promote your business. For this, approaching friends with children will be a good start. You could also past a poster or notice outside your building and the general neighborhood.


Network marketing

This is one of the best part time options for people who like to work in their own terms especially for ladies. Network marketing is an industry that has produced millionaires, working needs consistence with great communication skills. There are many best companies like Amway, Herbalife, Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Tupperware etc having healthcare, skincare and beauty products. The work is very simple, introduce your products to your friends, relatives and people in your influence and make them part of your Network.


Freelancing is self-employing services, Freelancers usually providing services to multiple clients at a time. The type of work freelancers do vary. Nearly every type of service a business would need could be provided by a freelancer, including, marketing, such as social media marketing, copywriting, and publicity, writing, such as articles and blog posts, technological support, such as web programming and design, creative works such as graphic design, and financial support, such as bookkeeping. According to the Freelancers Union, 55 million Americans (35% of the workforce) have freelance careers, with combined estimated earnings of $1 trillion a year.


Data Entry Work

Data Entry work is similar to a typing work. Update data record into a computer system database, often from paper documents using a keyboard. There are a number of websites offering data entry work from home for money. There is no specialized skill requirement for this work but experience of working with Word processing, database or presentation software like PowerPoint to be paid higher rates. More than $2400 per month can easily be earn working part time from home.


Foreign exchange, commonly known as ‘FOREX’, is the exchange of one currency for another at an agreed exchange price on the over-the-counter (OTC) market. FOREX is the world’s most traded market, with an average turnover in excess of US$5.3 trillion per day.

In Japan and Korea, there are millions of housewives who are trading Foreign exchange currency online part time and making small daily profits to earn extra income. The key to successful FOREX trading is to specialize in the currency pairs that trade when you’re available for trading. Working 2-3 hours per day with a decent FOREX trading strategy, approximately more than $2000 per month can per earn with the onetime investment of $5,000.

Trading CryptoCurrency


A Digital Currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. There were more than 710 Crypto Currencies available for trading in online markets as of 11 July 2016 but Bitcoin is the pioneer of all crypto currencies. Mining is a way of getting coins and then selling them, this is the best and easiest way of making more Bitcoin and money. Trading Bitcoin is very simple part time work, just Buy Bitcoin when price is low and wait for price to climb up.

Web Content Writing

A website or web content writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience and requires a different type and level of content. The content may include sales copy, e-books, podcasts, and text for graphics. Content writers use various Web formatting tools, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and content management systems to help create their work.


Content writers produce the content for many different types of websites, including blogs, social networks, e-commerce sites, news aggregators, and college websites. Average rate of Content writing is $75 per 500 word article (1 hour working) that meant more than $5000 per month income just working 2-3 hours per day.

Types of Jobs – Office Based Jobs



Receptionist is a person who is employed by an organization to receive or greet any visitors, patients, or clients and answer telephone calls. The work is usually performed in a waiting area such as a lobby or front office desk of an organization or business. A receptionist serves as the face of her employer. She is the first, and sometimes only, person whom the guests of the small business meet. Although this is an entry-level role, the receptionist needs a great deal of skill perform the many tasks. A successful receptionist must be both an excellent communicator and strong administrator. She also must comfortably interact with individuals of all professional levels. These receptionists made an average hourly wage of $13.91. Second-highest in the sheer number of employed receptionists were offices of physicians. Pay in this industry was an average of $1500 per month with 3-4 hours working per day.

NEWS Editor

The News Editor is one of the most important persons who plan a daily newspaper. Newspaper editors have the daily responsibility of deciding which news stories are printed in the paper. Long before the paper is published, the editor assigns reporters to cover the news, checks for accuracy and fairness in the newspaper’s articles and writes headlines. An Editor required excellent oral and written communication skills, strong interest in current events, ability to thrive under deadlines. Many Media houses hire Part time NEWS Editor. The average salary of Part time News Editor is $2400 per month.

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Customer service representatives interact with customers on behalf of an organization. They provide information about products and services, take orders, respond to customer complaints, and process returns. Many customer service representatives work in customer contact centers. Many Firms and organizations hires Part time CSR (Especially female CSR) with an average salary of more than $1200 per month with 2-3 working hours per day.


A secretary or personal assistant is a person, whose work consists of supporting management, including executives, using a variety of project management, communication, or organizational skills. These functions may be entirely carried out to assist one other employee or may be for the benefit of more than one. In other situations a secretary is an officer of a society or organization who deals with correspondence, admits new members, and organizes official meetings and events. Average Salary of Part time Office Secretary is approximate $2530 per month.


An accountant is a professional person who performs accounting functions such as audits or financial statement analysis. Accountants can be employed part time with an accounting firm, a large company with an internal accounting department. This position is great because no prior experience required, offers flexible hours. Accounting makes for an incredibly stable job, pays well and is expected to grow faster than average. Average salary of Part time accountant is approximately $4093 per month.


Advertising and Promotions Manager

Professionals in this field often work in advertising firms and help create product marketing or ad strategies. The job growth is about on par with the country’s average, with the field expected to expand 12 percent through 2022, according to the BLS.


While more women work in the field than men, it tends to have a slightly larger gender pay gap than other careers, with the Census finding that women make about 74 cents for every $1 earned by their male colleagues.


Applying for the Job


Contact the employer to ask application process

You will likely have contact detail of the hiring or human resources manager. You may ask them the method of application submission either by submitting file by hand or process résumé and cover letter by mail or e-mail.


Write a cover letter

Writing a comprehensive cover letter and make sure your cover letter is specific to both the company and the job. Cover letter should be more professional to address the contact letter to a specific contact person. This demonstrates that you took the time to research the information. In cover letter you discuss how your background makes you a valuable asset to the role and to the company, what unique talents would you bring to this position and what specifically interests you about this position. Be sure that you have mentioned your references, contact information, including mailing and email addresses, phone number, current title and company.


Recheck your résumé and Cover letter

Ask friends or family members to review your résumé and cover letter for typing errors. They may be able to point out things that are missing, or items that could be rephrased.  Getting advice from someone working in the field in which you are applying for would be more helpful. Speaking to recruiters or hiring managers may be beneficial as well, as they are familiar with the qualities and qualifications employers are looking for.


Submit Your Application

Once you have finalized your resume and cover letter, now submit your application. Applications are usually submitted by appearing himself in front of hiring manager and submit your application, this allows the hiring manager to put a face to the name. Second way is to upload your application to the hiring website or hiring page of the employer. The last option is by email, if hiring manager asks to email your resume and application to the dedicated email address of employer or hiring manager.


Follow Up Your Application

Checking on the status of your application shows your interest in the position. The best is to make contact one week after application submission. When you call or email the hiring manager, try to make the tone of communication friendly. You may ask hiring manager to contact again a week later in this regard.


Prepare for Interview

Interview is probably the most important area to be focused on if you wanted to be hired. When you receive call from employer, make up your mind for preparation. Be well dressed according to nature of job, look graceful, reach early at interview spot, speak politely during questioning, give right answers and give a thankful note at the end. You may successful in leaving good impression at employer by doing all this.


Helpful Resources


(1)    Definitions  Investopedia http://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/accountant.asp#ixzz4a42xiTuK

(2)     How to Become a Successful PartTime FOREX Trader


(3)     LinkedIn: Importance of LinkedIn for Job Seekers



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