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googleplusThere are many things that go into bringing a book or ebook from an idea to being published. You may be talented in one area but need help in another.  While you may not need all of these services, some may be helpful.  I have published over fifty 50 Things to Know books and three children’s books.  Though this experience I have knowledge that will help you publish your books.

The following is a list of services that I offer. I am working on offering other services and as that happens will add to the list.

PDF – Do you need a PDF of your eBook? This format allows you to give a free review copy to get reviews of your book. You can also sell this format on your web site. You will need to send me the document in Word. $25.

Twitter Marketing – I will tweet out your ebook/book every day for 1 month for $1/day. I have 650 book followers on Twitter. – $30 for one month

Facebook Marketing – I will post about your ebook/book to our 1,700+ facebook followers for $1/day. – $30 a month

Pinterest Marketing–  I will pin 3 of your suggested pages to my 12,500 pinterest fans for $20.

Social Media Covers – I will create a facebook, twitter,and Google Plus header images for your social media pages. $25

Covers – I can do covers for both eBooks and print books. The price of a single cover is $35 for an ebook.

Author Interview on Blog – If you have a book release, want to do an Author Interview, or Character Interview, my blog is available for this free of charge. For the Author Interview, I have a set of 20 questions but you only have to answer 10 that you are most comfortable with.  You can also include your author pic, any images of your books, any reviews that you are especially proud of, and any contact information. I will share this on twitter, facebook, and my 12,500 pinterest followers. $25

Self-Publishing Help–  I wrote the book 50 Things to Know to Self-Publish on Amazon.  These tips may help you get started or move forward with self-publishing your book.

Book Trailer-  I will create a 30 second book trailer for you and publish it on my YouTube page for 1 year.  My YouTube channel has 50 Subscribers.  The trailer will be similar to this one that was created Charlie the Cavailer Begs for Attention.  $35

Testimonial–  I will get someone to create a testimonial of your book (You will need to provide the 75 word script.  I will publish it on my YouTube channel for 1 year.  My YouTube channel has 50 Subscribers.  The trailer will be similar to this one that was created 50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby. $35

Promotion of Free Day – Manually submit your kindle ebook free day promo to 15 kindle book sites.  $15

Portrait Drawling–  I will have someone create a portrait of you in the style above to help promote you as an Author.  $25

Amazon Author Page–  I will help you set up your Amazon Author Page.  This includes an image, video (if you have one), bio, and linking your books.  $25

If you would like any of these services please email me at lbrennec@gmail.com.

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