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553680_778422438538_19587441_nI apparently started this whole blog thing in May 2010.  I will soon be blogging for 5 years.  That is pretty good for blogger time.  As you know I have switched to a couple different sites to get it all sorted out.  As for now I am staying with 50 Things to Know and Charlie the Cavalier.  Some posts have stuck gold and others have been seen by just a special few.  I thought I would record some of the highs that I have seen in the past 5 years.

  • Charlie the Cavalier on Blogger: will reach 2 MILLION views this month!  How excited.  Most of this excitement is due to the 50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby which I then turned into my first of over 100 50 Things to Know Books.
  • My Google Plus Account Lisa Rusczyk has over 18.5 MILLION views.  Honestly, I am really not sure how I got there but that is an impressive number to me.
  • The views on YouTube all time have hit 120,000 views on
  • Last year 50 Things to Know Books sold about 5,000 books in the past 2 years.  Many more were downloaded on free days.  This also means that I was about to donate $350 to teaching and learning since each book that is sold I said I would donate 10 cents per book.  Including last year I have donated $500.
  • There is now 14,500 followers on my Pinterest Account LBrennec.  If you are wondering where lbrennec came from, it is my maiden name.  When I created the account a long time ago it was more of a personal thing but now it is both.
  • I got to be on HLN Project Home with my friend Sarah.  A CNN camera came to my house and everything.  This gave me a much better appreciation for reality tv stars, and what goes into television.  If you listen in the background you can even hear the train going by our house.
  • Project have also been on PA Live, a local tv show, two times, the local news paper the Lock Haven Express, The Voice a Chicago Radio Show, and on many other blogs.

Thank you for all the love and support over the past 5 years.  I have enjoyed blogging and that is why I do it.  If I can help you out in any way please let me know.  I am not sure if I am impressed or not by these numbers but it has been fun to see things happen.  Honestly, I was impressed when 1 person bought my book.  The thought that that many people have actually viewed one of my pages (even if just for a couple seconds) is pretty impressive.  So thank you all and let me know if I can help you grow your blogs.  


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