Aloe by Tina Wither






This poem was written by Tina Wither.  She Wrote: Attached is the Aloe poem I wrote for a friend.  Her poor husband had been murdered at work and she was devastated by the brutality.  He was a kind and gentle man and they both loved aloes.

I wanted to share this beautiful poem with you. Tina is currently writing a 50 Things to Know book due out this month.




The aloe stands tall, a beacon of light.

It’s orange flowers cheerful and bright.

As nature’s reminder of beauty and hope

It adorns the roadside and winter slope.

When times look grey and life seems sad

Look at the aloe and you’ll feel glad.

It’s a symbol of hope and even the frost

Won’t subdue the aloe at any cost.

It’s roots firmly planted in God’s good earth

It will rise again with it’s new birth.

So look to the aloe and see it’s flame

Telling you God can heal the pain.

Be faithful and trusting in God’s way

And look at the aloe this winter’s day.


Written by Christina

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