Bubble Guppies 2 Year Old Birthday Party

379708_10100164303242217_211624245_n We had a great time planning and having our little girls 2nd birthday party.  Since we have amazon prime, and she  loves watching bubble guppies.  She asks for the show all day long.

So the theme was easy to choose.  We then when to the nickelodeon website to print out many items for free including pin the tail on the gil and molly.  They also had coloring and puzzle bubble guppies pages.   I founder everything else at the dollar store.  They even had a dollar pinata that I added rings, bracelets, and small planes in.   We even adopted a little fish that someone was trying to get rid of.

My Mom wanted to get a cake so she found one at her local grocery store will bubble guppies.  The cake went fast and the food was great.  I was lucky to have so many people bring food to celebrate.

Please view her 1st birthday party that was balloon theme and the party pinterest page with over 8,000 Followers.

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