Crazy Faith Goals

Crazy Faith GoalsAs I am becoming more of a Christian, I am realize that Christians are not suppose to be comfortable.  The end goal is not to find extreme comfort and stay there.  Don’t get me wrong, we are suppose to rest one day a week, but not 7.

Through different bible studies and personal growth, I am finding that you should always have a few “Crazy Faith Goals” in your life.  What are these you ask?  Goals that you don’t think you can achieve.  Goals that without faith would just be silly to think about. But with crazy faith, many things can be accomplished.  With these goals in our life they keep our faith fresh.  They keep us moving forward, helping others, and thinking of new crazy goals in our life while accomplishing past goals.

One example of a Crazy Faith Goal is deciding to have a child.  I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with our second child.  But it was a long journey here and a long journey ahead.  We knew we wanted a second child.  After 7 months of trying I was pregnant.  Very sick, and tired,  but excited to grow our family.  Twelve weeks later I found out I had a miscarriage.  Then 9 months later I got pregnant again with the assistance of some drugs to help me ovulate.  Another sick pregnancy got me to think point. There is still a long road ahead.  Also there is a human growing inside my belly!  How crazy is that!  But with faith we are getting through all these issues.  We are looking forward.

My friends moved from their comfortable house into a tiny tiny apartment with their family so they could fix up an old building down town.  They didn’t have many tenets at the time, but with Crazy Faith they decided this was the project for them to not only make downtown more beautiful, but to create a different source of income for their family.  I have to admit, some people did think they were crazy.  Why don’t they just stay in their comfortable house? But that is not what God was calling them to do.  They stepped out on Crazy Faith.

I started the business 50 Things to Know Books.  One of my goals is to have 1,000 books by 2020.  I personally think this goal is a little crazy.  But after doing the math, I just need to complete 15 book a week.  So far this year is going great and I am ahead of schedule. But if I did not have the goal ahead of me, I probably would only be completing 5 books a month.  This goal that is set years and year ahead of me is keeping me exciting and moving forward.

You may have some faith in your life, but what are your crazy faith project?  I recently graduated with a Doctorate in Educational Technology.  Becoming a Doctor was a Crazy Faith Goal for me.  But now it is time for more Crazy Faith Goals.  If you don’t have some of these in your life I suggest getting some.

Crazy Faith Goal Possibilities

  • Having a child
  • Getting married
  • Starting a business
  • Quitting a job for another one
  • Travel to a place you have never imagined
  • Take on a world problem
  • Take on a small town problem

To have a crazy goal you need a few things.  Faith being a big part.  You actually need to picture yourself with that thing.  Having a plan is also important.  The road will not be straight.  I wanted to finish my Doctorate in 3 1/2 years.  But instead thing came up.  I finished the crazy goal in 5.  I am still happy with the result.  But I had to keep trying, and trying.  Your plan needs to be flexible.  Lastly support.  Get around people who have faith in your faith.  You will need them to support you in the planning, process, and with celebrate in the completion of your goals.  Then hopefully help you create your next Crazy Faith Goal.

The goal is not to complete the goal, but continue to create new crazy goals as you move forward.  The journey, not the destination. As a Christian you never see the full destination.  You don’t get to see the people that you helped inspire along your journey.  The amount of people you interact with and interact with you to finish the project.  How many nurses, doctors, lab technicians, and office workers have helped my family grow from a family of zero to a family of two?  How many people have read my blog posts about infertility, miscarriage, and family growth?  While I have a Crazy Goal in my head, many other goals are being achieved.  I could not have had these goals without the support of others from their own crazy goals.

So don’t just have a little faith.  Don’t just have faith.  Have Crazy Faith!  Over and over again until you can’t dream anymore.

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