Doctoral Reflection

One of my first weeks of class to complete my Doctorate.
One of my first weeks of class to complete my Doctorate.

Last Friday I reached the end of my doctoral journey.  Ok I do have a few edits to do but it is a little easier to put them off for a day.  Each time I finish a degree I am not sure what to do with myself.  What do I do with my time?  What goal to I strive for next?  In an online school they teach your to journal each step of the way.  Where do I turn in this journal post?

One thing that I do when I have some extra time is play some computer games.  Spider solitaire, dominion, and ticket to ride to name a few.  These games keep my mind moving and give me some space to decide where to go next.

School is not my only project.  I am a Mom, wife, friend, business owner, christian, and author to name a few.  Hopefully I can spend more time in these other areas of my life.

One of the biggest lessons that I learned is that school is not something that you do on your own.  Your family has to help out with things that they would not normally do.  You don’t have the same amount of time for your friends.  There are other project that you may need to turn down to focus on schooling.  There is people to guide you, please to cry to, friends to house you, friends to pray for you, instructors to guide you, and many more.

But having and achieving a goal after 5 years feels really good. There were times that I was unsure if I would achieve the goal.  I know I grew since I started this journey.  Many things in my life have changed since I have started.  But I am happy to close that chapter and move on to other things.  I know I will take the experience with me as I move forward.

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