Dr. Lisa – The Animal Game Introduction

The Animal GameLearn about my new book and family fun game, “The Animal Game“.  The book is now available in kindle format and soon print.

One time in the car my daughter wanted to play the animal game.  She said that I was a cat and my husband was a cow.  We made the sounds of our animals.  But then we started combining animals.  For example a sheep cow:  Baa Moo!  Or a monkey cat: Eee ooo Moo!  We giggles and had fun.  That fun game gave me the idea for the book the animal game.

This book has fun images for each animal.  You can even make up your own animals later.  A fun game for a giggle before bed time or in a short car ride to the store.  I hope you enjoy this book and game with the kids in your life too.

As a former instructional designer and stay a home Mom, I think this book is great to learn about animals, and grow a relationship with a child.

Sheep Bee Dog Cat

The Animal Game book can be found on Amazon in kindle format.  A great little book for a baby shower or birthday party.

The Animal Game




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