Faithful Fall

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
(Hebrews 11:1, KJV)

10613097_10203563074096173_3746636272983087315_nI thought I would give you an update on our goals.  We continue to work on them in faith even though we don’t know if there is an end close or far!

I was able to collect enough data from the students for my dissertation this time around (I think).  I now moved on to hiring an editor and a statistician.  If things go well in the next 9 weeks I will be done.  If they don’t go well I will need to go back to one of the steps that is suggested by people and keep moving forward from that point.  So hopefully soon but if now I still plan to continue to work away at finishing.  I was done all my classes a year ago so this is the only thing that stands between having a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

As you may know we are still trying to have a second child.  It took 7 month to get pregnant with our almost 3 year old now, 9 months to get pregnant with our little baby that is in heaven (miscarriage at 11 weeks), and now it has been 9 months of trying since then.  I started by going on bromocryptine to reduce my Prolactin levels.  When I starting taking this drug I got pretty nausous and tired all day.  Which is difficult with a toddler running around.  I asked to take half a pill instead and with a blood test the pill was still working.  I have to admit I am not sure what normal is anymore since I have been on the drug for 4 months but I would like to be done :).

After 3 months of that I am moving on to clomid.  While this also comes  with its own list of side effect this is our next course of action.  So please pray for positive results as we both want to be parents again :).

Finally I love the Charlie the Cavalier book series.  I am reading the book at the Acorn school next month and the Ross Library.  I am working with the illustrator on the second book and I am having a great time.

If you are wondering what I am doing in the blogging world now I switched things around.  I am keeping everything at 50 Things to Know.  So there is:

50 Things to Know Books (The over 100 50 Things to Know books I helped create and blog posts about them).

50 Things to Know Life (My personal blog)

50 Things to Know Reviews (Reivews of products that others have asked me to do.  I am now having others review for me too.  I usually get free stuff from it so why not?).

50 Things to Know Travel (I still love to travel and talk about it with others).

So while I don’t know the fate of most of my projects, I will keep having faith and know the right people and circumstances will come into my life to be where I am suppose to be.  And if not, we are going on a cruise in September with friends and then Christmas.


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