Cruise Tips- Gold Member and Blogger Press Pass for the First Time on an NCL Cruise

Gold Member NCLI have been on over 10 cruises before.  But this cruise was my first time as a Gold member on NCL and telling them I was a blogger.  I will tell you about the extras I received on this cruise.  I am not sure exactly what each one was for but the little extra treatment was great!  Especially since we have a toddler to entertain now.

This happened on the NCL Gem in May 2014.  I can not state that these benefits may happen to you.  This is the treatment that I received on this trip.  We booked a guarantee room  with a kids sail free deal and received an inside room on deck 8.

When we first got to the cruise terminal we got to use the VIP check in line.  After a quick check in and not standing in line we go to go to the VIP lounge where there was coffee, water, orange juice, and other food.  They then escorted us right on the ship, up to the concierge where we booked a few excursion without a line, and then to a special dining room for lunch.  They even brought us up on an elevator that was only for VIP guests. A process that could take an hour took 10 minutes.  We then got to each lunch in a different dining room that was less busy.

When we got to the room there was a box of Godiva chocolates waiting for us.  Lucky for my husband and I there was milk and dark chocolates.  He likes milk and I like dark.  We also got some little bottles of conditioner, shampoo, and lotion.

Every day we got extra food waiting for us in the room by different staff members.  Sometimes desserts and chocolates.  Other times appetizers. One night we got an invitation to a party with red wine and chocolate covered strawberries.


We were invited to three parties where alcohol was served for free.  The captain was at all three parties.  We got to go in the exclusive suite area for the one party.  This area was nice around a small pool.  I even won another bottle of wine at one of the parties.

We got to get off the cruise ship at every port before many others without waiting in line.  We met at a special place 15 minutes before anyone could get off the ship.  Then they brought us to a back elevator.  Then we had our own line to swipe our IDs to get off quickly.  We then got to use our shopping and beach excursion passes early because we were off the ship early. The nice part about this perk is you can get to some places before most of the crowds.  Then back before the crowds.

We were given Dora Breakfast passes for free.  My daughter loved this and we loved it because it made her happy.

We were invited to a dining room for breakfast and lunch.  This lunch had a different menu then the other restaurants.  My husband and I loved the French press coffee at breakfast.  Some days this was nice when you did not want to be in a crowded room with many other people. Also the food was a different and usually a little more expensive but we got it for free.

At the end of our trip we were let out a side door without lines at the very beginning of disembarkation.  Then since our little one was in a stroller we got to go through customs in the faster line.  An amazing trip!  We love NCL even more now.  We can’t wait to book our next cruise!