Happy Birthday to Me.


I had a great birthday.  Thanks for all the wishes and gifts everyone!  I have to admit, this one was way more low key than last year.  A couple good dinner, finishing some home projects, and bible study with some amazing Women.

I did happen to get an email from myself from 6 months ago that was pretty funny. You can make your own here http://ohlife.com/

Dear Me (in the future),
You are now 31.  Haha!  I hope you had a great rest of the summer.  It would be fun if you were pregnant.  If not I am sure you are loving your little princess.  Right now she only says a few words.  But she loves to hug and kiss you.  She loves to wisper in your ear.  Also, tickle you back and say tica tica tica.

Some people have asked me what my goals are for the next year.  I will write them down because I am more likely to accomplish them this way.

  1. Become a Doctor (Only have my dissertation to finish).
  2. Become pregnant
  3. Stay Healthy- Parks, walks, tennis, gym, and more.
  4. Spend more time with people
  5. Continue to work on 50 Things to Know and raise money for teaching and learning charities
  6. Continue to guide our little girl as she grows
  7. Continue to connect, grow, and serve as a Christian
  8. Have as many days with my feet in the sand as possible.  Even if that includes the sandbox with our little one.

I think most of those things are doable.  So here is to another amazing year.

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