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Hello entrepreneurs,

I hope your week is going well.  My entire family, including me, has a cold this week.  So instead of creating a class I thought I would bring you how I got started as a stay at home Mom entrepreneur.  I will include links to my current classes.

I started out by Journaling. I would write down the things that were happening with me.  Then I wanted to share with others.  I then decided to write  a blog post about some of the things in my journal.  Then I  Self Published my first book “50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby”.  I created the 50 Things to Know book series and CZYK (check) Publishing.  I started earning money on my blog posts too.  I also created links to Amazon on my blog posts that made money.  I then had to promote these items on social media, and mailing list. Fueled by coffee and  with a motivation to write, I kept going.  

I have done some other fun things too.  Sometimes I get free stuff to review.  I wrote my first children’s book and  started an entire children’s book series “Charlie the Cavalier”.   I now have my own Amazon Author Page.  I have also failed at many things along the way.  I share them with you here in a class called : My Seven Income Strategy Failures: Learn from My Mistakes.  I know this because I have been keeping a careful eye on my Revenue and Expenses with Spreadsheets.  

I now enjoy making skillshare classes.  There are over 30 available.  I learn new things every day.  Like how to keep students motivated, how to learn what students want with surveys, and using free screen capture tools.  I even made a game out of making online classes called: Create an Online Class Game – Can You Make it to Level 10?.  Last month I reached 1,000 followers and I was really excited.  One-thousand followers was one of my social media goals that I have achieved.  

Thank you for following me.  I hope you can find a few new classes to enroll.  You can enroll now and save them for later.  I even download some classes that others are teaching on my phone so I can watch them when I got to our tiny cabin.   

Hope you are having a great week,


Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D.


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