13 Thoughts on Losing Baby Weight: How I *Think* I lost the Baby Weight

13 Thoughts on Losing Baby Weight: How I *Think* I lost the Baby WeightI am about a year and a half away from giving birth to a human being.  Pretty cool huh?  In that time many changes has happened to my body.  I actually weight 10 pounds less then before I got pregnant. I am going to try and explain why.  Hopefully these things will help someone else in their journey back to a healthy body after pregnancy.  So again, while I will be a Doctor soon, it is in Educational Leadership and not a medical doctor :).

1.  Attempting to Breastfeed

While breastfeeding did not work for me this time, I did try and pump for at least 2 weeks.  You can lose many calories by breastfeeding.

2. Exhaustion

The first couple months were a blur of taking care of the baby.

3. Having Only Healthy Food Around The House

I tried to keep only healthy snacks around the house.  We ate many bananas, apples, and oranges. I eat many canned Mandarin oranges, peaches, and pears too.

4. Insanity

I did the insanity workout for a while.  This only worked while she was not moving around yet.  This worked really well when I was motivated to do it every day. But it is difficult to start.

5. Walk, Walk, Walk

I tried to walk with the little one as much as possible.  Luckily we live in town so I would walk to the library, mothers group, and the coffee shop.  This is getting more difficult now that she does not want to be in the stroller.

6. Family Health Scare

My husbands Grandmother was in the hospital.  Some of her sickness was from what she ate so we knew we should change our diet.

7. Goal of a 5K

I wanted to do a 5K with my little girl as a goal for my 30th birthday.  Doing a couch to 5K training schedule helped me get to this goal.

8. Having Stairs in the House

You know when you are ready to leave for the park.  Then you need to run upstairs to get a new shirt.  Then you need more diapers.  Then you forgot wipes.  Before you know it you did 5 more extra laps up the stairs.

9. Support

Just having the support of my family and friends was great for losing the baby weight.  They were there for me when I needed to nap and some time off.  I can’t not thank people enough for helping me.

10. Eating Only Food I want Her to Eat

Eating healthy is difficult.  But habits are easy.  I want my little girl to be in the habit of eating healthy food.  My little girl wants to eat what I am eating.  So I try to eat only healthy food around her.  Yes that means she makes me feel guilty for eating bad food.  And I don’t give it to her.  I even ate a McChicken in the corner of the kitchen once so she would not see me.  But this is very helpful.  One time I cut myself a peach and left if on the kitchen table.  My little girl was eating it when I came downstairs.  I feel lucky that she loves fruit and vegetables already.

11.  Chasing the Little One Around

I try to get out of the house as much as possible.  I try to go to the park, on vacation, or outside often.  Getting myself, and the little one out the door is work.

12.  Iced Tea 

Every morning I make 64 oz of iced tea (tea and water that is it).  No sugar added.  It took a little while to get use to but I love it now.  I miss it and feel dehydrated when I don’t have it.

13. The Goal of Health in Mind

You are now a new Mom!  You need to be around for a long time.  Being healthy is one way you can be there for your children.  You want energy and time with your children.  Staying healthy is one way to get there.

What are your tips to stay healthy after having a baby?

 List created by Lisa Rusczyk, author of 50 Things to Know Before Having a Baby

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10 thoughts on “13 Thoughts on Losing Baby Weight: How I *Think* I lost the Baby Weight”

  1. What great (and do-able) tips! This is something so many women struggle with, so I just know it’s going to help a lot of people.
    I think one thing to remember WHILE you’re pregnant is to stay as active as possible, so the weight isn’t a huge issue to tackle once the baby is born.

    1. Holly I agree! I tried to walk as much as possible even to the end while pregnant. I even tried to extreme coupon because it was cold out at the end and that was a great way to get me out of the house and walking while pregnant.

  2. My “baby” is almost 19. I think I have finally lost all of the baby weight from all of my kids. (I didn’t gain that much, it just took some changes to get the last 10 to go away) I think you are right that eating healthy and keeping active is key. I also think that some people give themselves a break from these very things when that are pregnant and it does a huge disservice to themselves and the baby. Great job on you for figuring this out.

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