How to Promote Yourself as an Author Online

thAmazon Author page

This is a great page to add a picture and a bio.  Once your books are published you can find them and add them to your Amazon Author Page.

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Pinterest Page

In pinterest you can made boards.  Make a board for “My Writing” and link it to places on the internet that people can find your work. You can make a pinterest board for “Future Ideas” so you have ideas about would you would like about next.

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Tweet updates of new books, books you are writing on, your mentors, and your creative process.  Usually if you share others work they will want to share yours. Remember you can only post a certain amount of characters.

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Facebook page

Once you make a facebook page you will be able to see the statistics of the people who look at your page.  You can post similar updates to twitter.  You can post video, pictures, and your emotions. You can now schedule your posts if you like.  I scheduled one every other day for 6 months.  The process took a couple weeks but readers can stay up to date with books, free books, and social media.

Once you create your facebook page, tell your friends and family about the page.  View my page here and like it.


Add the same information from your Amazon author page.  You can add a picture, bio, and find your books.  You can link this to your twitter and facebook.  Also, find friends.

Goodreads takes much longer than Amazon for your new books to show up.

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