How to Promote Yourself as an Author

After publishing over 600 books with my publishing company CZYK Publishing, I would love to share a few tips with you to promote yourself as an author.  The biggest piece of advice I could give new authors if that after you publish your first book to keep going.  Try to make a series of books instead of just one.  I have done this multiple times with Charlie the Cavalier (Children’s books to teach kids that they are loved), You Are Loved Book Series (Children’s), 50 Things to Know (Non-fiction), and Greater Thana  Tourist (Travel books).  I have been publishing for 7 years and almost all of our books are on Amazon. These tips are more for beginners but I am sure there is something here for everyone.

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Create an Amazon Author Page

When your book is available on Amazon, you can make an Amazon Author page here: Here is my author page as an example:  I would like to add a more professional picture.  I think you should add a personal story to your bio to connect you to your audience.

After your book is for sale, I will send you a pdf of the finished book with a watermark.  You can review it and send it to friends and family. You can use the template below in your email.  You can add links to your book too.

 Amazon Author Page

Create a Facebook Page

This is where you can connect to your audience.  I like to make posts from all different social media here.  I also post when there are new blog posts.

Create a Blog

This is where I make posts to keep me motivated to keep writing.  Sometimes I will start a book here and then when I am more motivated I make the blog post into a book. Class on Creating a Blog:

More Social Media

Twitter Account – Class: Start a Pinterest Account Class:

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Linked In:


Connect on Linkedin If you are interested you can add CZYK Publishing to your LinkedIn: profile.

Are you interested in creating your own book launch?

Here is a past book launch that may help you get started.  Lisa would love to be invited but not create it. Also, we can schedule a free book day during your launch (ebook).

Would you like to get hired as an author?  We hired exclusively on Upwork. Email for more information.


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