Lisa RusczykOk.  So I have been making online classes for a while now.  I am realizing how to make them, how they work, and how to make money from them.  There is where it gets complicated.  I know how things were but sometimes it is hard to wrap my mind around in an ever changing social society.

When I made my online classes I want to do an amazing job.  I then post the class on the current decided stop Skillshare.  You see I can post it on Udemy and some other platforms but I don’t.  I would also love my own little online school.  Maybe “$10 online classes” or Lisa Rusczyk Classes, but I am not that far yet either.  But I think I am doing a good job posting on Skillshare.  Then I have to edit the classes.  Then make a thumb nail.  Then share to all social media that I have including a mailing which takes a while.

I am also suppose to record my voice to change it to text to then I can make a blog post about my new class.  Then share that on social media with two images, one for the blog and the other that is pinable.

I am then suppose to Vlog about my day which includes my online class, then share that vlog on social media.

I am writing this post because I don’t have that all together while my daughter is napping.  I get a small time frame to get as much done as possible.  Believe me, I think I can do it if I am more organized.  This post it to write down all the steps.  Someday I will be there :).


[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7LhVKUPoKQ[/embedyt]

How are you doing with online class creation and social marketing??? 🙂

  1. Create outline for online class
  2. Create title for online class
  3. Get hair done and dressed for recording
  4. Set up office for recording
  5. Set up webcam and microphone
  6. Record Online Class
  7. Edit Online Class
  8. Create thumbnail for class
  9. Post Online Class
  10. Share Online Class with All Social Media
  11. Create Blog Post about the content of the online class
  12. Post this on all social media
  13. Create Vlog about Creating Online Class
  14. Post Vlog on all social Media

So at this point I am getting better and this list may help.  Hopefully this list will help you too.  What am I missing?

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1 thought on “I CAN'T DO IT ALL :)”

  1. I can’t say how to do an online class per say, but the workflow seems pretty solid for creating something like this. I want to eventually try and do some more in-depth videos (not classes), and having a workflow with a lot of this will probably be something I look at.

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