I Tried a Personal Stylist Service Box. How did it go?

I have been a Mom for seven years now.  Let’s just say it has been a while since I have been shopping alone.  I do enjoy a few trips to Label Shopper once and a while thanks to my husband.  I have been trying out food boxes (links below) and I thought I would try out a style box.  I tried wantable “Wantable is a personal styling service that uses a combination of expert stylists and technology to handpick apparel or fitness gear based on your budget, size and style.”.

I added my information online and they put a $100 hold on my credit card.  I got the box it the mail and I was pretty excited.  I moved my coffee to the other counter so I would not spill it and opened the box.  As a stay at home Mom this was great.  I got to try on clothes while my daughter was entertained at home.

Trying Clothes On

So I tried all the clothes on.  As usual, the pants were a little too long.  They fit great with my heels, but if you know me you know that is not a realistic everyday shoe for me. But I was able to put them on and try them which was nice.  Usually, they are a little too tight.   This part was fun. I got to try stuff on that I normally would not pick.

All the clothes were very very comfortable.  So soft!


Wow.  Most of the items were above $50. If I would have kept all 5 shirts and 2 pairs of pants, it would have been $43 for each piece for about $300.

Did I Keep Anything?

Since Christmas is so close I was hoping to keep something for holiday parties but I decided not to keep anything.  I could have kept a few things if the price was lower but they were just too high.

I did like one pair of pants that was $88.  They were a little long. I did a quick search online and found them for $58. But having them at your house already without looking around is really really nice.

What do you think?  If you were me would have you kept anything?

Now What?

I went to the website to say I was not going to purchase any of the clothes.  I got an email back right away from the stylist and I did tell her the issues incase I try the service out again. I think this is fun for others to try out and see if you like it.  Especially if you work all the time and have enough money but not time to shop.

Now I have to bring the bag to the post office.  I put it at the door hoping they may come while dropping off Christmas presents.

Want to Give it a Try?

Sorry I don’t have an affiliate link or coupon code for this one.  I have not been accepted into the program. The website is http://wantable.com .

With a free styling code I found online I did not pay anything for this.  Maybe you should try it out too when you have some time.


Do you want me to try another box service?  


Please let me know.  lbrennec@gmail.com


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