Knoebles Amusement Resort with a Toddler on a Budget

10169299_10202850191074543_5253168731032128595_nKnoebles is one of my favorite places in the world! This place has free parking and free admission.  Then you need to buy tickets for the rides.  We get discount tickets at Weis markets.  You can bring your dog with you too!

My husband and I love the food.  There is just something for everyone at this park.  There is also a bald eagle exhibit.  Bring your own food to save money.

One time we went to the park and had trouble finding our car.  So remember where you park.  There is a tram that will help you get from your car to the park. I love the frozen ice tea.  My husband loves the perogies, and the waffle and ice cream sandwiches.  We usually have a bag of popcorn for the ride home.

This is a great place to bring grandparents.  They can watch and not ride anything or ride a few rides if they find something that interests them.

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