My Favorite Places in the World

11745566_10205854162051940_5004603656455870850_n (1)I have been lucky in my life to travel.  I have been to some unique places.  I would like to share them with you.  Hopefully you will be able to visit some of these places some day or list list makes you think of some of your favorite places. In no particular order.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

I went here once with my husband on our first cruise.  Then we went here with some friends, some family members, and our daughter that was 10 months old at the time.  The sand does have some pink specs but I would not call it pink.  The views are beautiful.  This place is perfect for a beach day.  There is a crazy bus ride to get there from the ship but if you hold on tight, it is worth it. My husbands favorite beach.

Great Stirrup Cay

We also get to this place on a cruise.  An NCL cruise.  This is their private island.  This is usually my favorite stop on the cruise.  Just a beach day to sit in the shade, enjoy the blue water, and just relax.  They have cook out food and fruit on the beach which I love too.  The color of the clear water is amazing here.  The blues of the water, greens of the plants, and white sand make for a great day.

I usually get sick on the small boat ride to the island since there is not a dock, but it is worth it.  I would say this is my favorite beach in the world.

Parents House

My parents live in the same house they did when I grew up.  This place has 2 acres in a quiet neighborhood.  I love to spend time there with my family.

My Husbands Parents House

We are building a Shabin here.  A great place in the woods.

Yosemite National Park

I did the valley view tour here once on a work trip.  AMAZING.  I love all the high stones, the beautiful setting, and the trees.  Sorry Ansil, but pretty much anyone can take an amazing picture here.

Bald Eagle State Park

This state park really has it all and is close to home.  Beautiful views, a beach area to play, and not too many people.  When the weather is just right, I love to go here to hang out.  Even if it is not real sand or a real beach, this place is easy to get to from my house.

Riverview Park Lock Haven, PA 

We had our wedding rehearsal dinner at this park. A great place to walk and bring your kids to play on the slides.  I love the views all year around of the changing seasons in Pennsylvania.

Children’s Garden, The Arboretum at Penn State

This garden has a really fun children’s area.  A great place to walk around with the kids, get some exercise, see the plants in seasons (without work on your part), and the kids can interact with things outside.

Avenue 209 Coffee House / The Common Place Church

This place is my favorite place to go get some coffee, play board games, and be with our church family. Nice and open, great light, and my favorite coffee.  The people are always welcoming here.

Beach by Boat in New Jersey

We use to go to this beach by boat as a kid.  My sister and I would get to play in the sand.  They had horseshoe crabs there.

Knoebles Amusement Park

This place is so much fun.  We love to eat here, go on rides, and just walk around.  I always feel like I am getting my moneys worth here.  A great place to spend time with any group of people.  There is really something for everyone, even if you don’t like to go on rides.  I can’t wait to go here with the girls for years to come.

Hyner View

A beautiful sight, and park.

Walk in the Woods- Lock Haven University Nature Trail

This is a great place to walk only a few minutes from my house.  A great place to enjoy the woods but only a few minutes away.  I did see a bear here once running the other way.  But we enjoy bringing kids on walks here, and walk with friends.  My husband loves to run here.

Ross Library – Lock Haven, PA

A great place for the kids to play, learn about books, and have story time.

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