Niagara Falls Ontario Canada with a Toddler

3 Day Family Trip with Toddler to Niagara Falls Canada $664This year we decided not to go on a cruise like we normally do for spring break.  One of the options was Niagara Falls.  After talking it over as a family we decided this is not the time for this trip for us.  But I thought I would share some of the research I did that hopefully you can use on your own family trip.

The entire 3 day trip for 3 people would have cost $664.  Remember adults need passports to drive over the Canadian boarder.  Also, remember to pack your passport!  The price of gas has not been included in this spreadsheet.

The plan was to stay for 3 nights at the Skyline Niagara falls.  Since we only would really enjoy going to the park for two days, were were going to book one night with the waterpark, and two nights just the hotel at the same hotel for $282 American dollars.

Skyline Niagara Falls CA cad american
Night 1 with Waterpark with tax $164.00 $132.16
Night 2 just hotel $187.54 $151.25
$351.54 $282

We then had other activities planned.  Even though we did not pick all the places for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we budgeted $20 for breakfast, $25 for lunch, and 50 for dinner.  Since there would be 3 of us (two adults and 1 child).

Day 1 – March 8th – Hotel Stay Price CAD
Leave LH at 8am
Get there at 12
Lunch Skylon Tower $25.00
Activity Butterfly conservatory $27.90 Open 10-5
Dinner Rain Forest Cafe $50.00
Activity Walk Around and See Falls and sky wheel $20.00
Activity Falls Lights On 7-12
Day 2 – March 9th- Hotel Stay with Water Park
Breakfast $20.00
Activity Bird Kingdom $26.00
Activity Flower House? $10.00 9:30-5
Lunch Tim Horton $25.00
Activity Water Park Can Get Into Water Park at 1pm and closes at 6
Dinner $50.00
Activity Arcade and walk around $20.00
Activity Fall lights On 7-12
Day 3- March 10th- Hotel Stay
Breakfast $20.00
Activity Falls Incline Railway $10.00 Open 10-7
Activity Behind the Falls $22.50 Open 9-6
Lunch Table Rock Food Cort $25.00
Activity Water Park Open 11-7
Dinner $50.00
Activity Water Park Closes at 7
Day 4 – March 11th
Breakfast Flying saucer $20.00
Activity Aquarium or niagara on American Side? $28.00 Open 9-5
Lunch $25.00
Drive Home
$474.40 or $382 USD

There are also discount tickets you can find for the different attractions.

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