Off Fellas Craft Burger, Shakes, and Fries in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

Odd FellasMeet my friend Sarah.  I will admit we are unlikely friends.  But I think our belief in God and having babies at the same time brought us together.  Over the past couple of years we have been through ups and downs in our lives.

In a couple weeks Sarah will be opening her a burger places called Odd Fellas, located in Lock Haven, PA.  If you are wondering, the name came from the people who use to meet on the 4th floor of their building way before they bought it.

Let me bring you back a little more.  When Sarah and I became friends she lived in a “normal” house that she lived in with her husband and 3 kids.  They then decided to sell the house, and buy a LARGE building on main street. Five floors including the basement.  The building needed lots of work.  So Sarah and her husband moved their 3 kids into one of the tiny apartments and started work.

I think each floor is 4,000 feet.  So the first floor they gutted and made into a usable business area.  Exposing the brick and wood floor.  The second floor use to be an old dentist office and some other offices.  They made that floor into two beautiful apartments where they lives and our friends live in the other one.  We get to go to bible study on this floor once a week, while the kids are in the next room over.

The third floor is 4 more apartment, and the fifth floor is still in the imagination stage.  Possibly 1 large apartment for their family in the future, but one never know.

So as they are doing this they rent out the first floor to anyone who would like to start a business.  A pizza shop moved in eventually, but after a sickness, and sadly a death, they were left with some bills and kitchen equipment.

So after lots of prayer, and consideration, Odd Fellas (Craft burgers, Sodas, and Fries) will open soon. Sarah is a minimalist and has an eye for inexpensive, industrial, homey, creative, design.  I could throw a few more words in there but you will just have to see it.  Basically she always makes your feel comfortable.   Stop is and sit at the “cool table”.

If you are wondering this picture is from when I talked Sarah into being on HLN news with me, the CNN cameras came to our house, and we built a fire pit.

I can’t wait to try it out and I hope you do too!  Please follow the facebook page for updates.


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