Operation Christmas Child Packing Party

CAM00432If you have been following my pinterest boards you can see I helped with the first Operation Christmas Child Packing Party at my church.  The party was a big success.  If you like you can make one box or many on your own or with a group.  Our church had the goal of 10.  I will write some of the steps down so you can throw a small party with your group.

  1. Decide on a date when you will have the party.
  2. Set a Goal.
  3. Create a wish list of items.
  4. Collect items.
  5. Have your packing party.

I created 3 stations.  A box wrapping station, a filling station, then a station to add a label, rubber bands,and a note. We also had a donation box on the last able because you need $7 to ship each box.

Here are some ideas that helped us and may help you:

  • We did all one age group and gender so we could buy things in bulk.
  • We decided to collect shoe boxes and wrap them but you can purchase shoes boxes from Operation Christmas Child and assemble them yourself.
  • You can get donations from local business people.  For example tooth paste or brush samples from a local dentist.
  • You can have a fund raiser to raise money to ship the boxes or for supplies.
  • The children in our church made bracelets and necklaces for the boxes.

This shows that even a small group of people can having a packing party to help children know that people around the world care for them.  Learn more at the website:  Operation Christmas Child.

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