Our Non-Pinterest Gender Reveal Party

10924777_10204565631959493_5100114035338437677_nWith our second child coming into the world we decided we wanted to find out the gender. We had many pink things from our first child and I wanted to have some time if we needed to make a change.  We found out at the doctor and then that night we met our friend at the coffee shop and told them the news.

There are so many things for gender reveals on pinterest.  Being 20 weeks pregnant with a pretty sickly pregnancy I wanted to involve our friends but did not want to be stressed.  So we invited our friends to the local coffee shop using facebook.  We bought a box of doughnut holes from Dunkin Doughnuts.  Then we got got there I had two ribbons I bought from the dollar store and asked our daughter to pick the right pink color ribbon.  It’s a Girl.

Nothing fancy.  Easy for a sick pregnant Mom to plan.   We had a great relaxed time.  We supported our local coffee shop. We did not spend extra money. Our friends were happy and we were happy.  No Pinterest.  No pink and blue anything. Just great friendship, a good time, and a great reason for people to get together.  We also asked for emotional help when the baby gets here because we will need it!  Actually we need it already.



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