Rules Not to Live By

rules women followThis week at church we talked about rule following.  The interesting thing is I really don’t have many rules for other people.  But I have MANY rules for myself.  I wrote these rules down on paper while I was drinking my coffee and feeding my 10 month old oatmeal.  (Can you believe I was not giving my full attention to my daughter while I was feeding her? Rule broken already).

For those of you who do not know me.  I am married stay at home Mom with a 10 month old, a 4 year old, a dog, and I have a doctorate in Education.

  • Be dressed every morning as a stay at home Mom with my hair and make up done.
  • Weight the lowest weight since starting to have children.
  • Have the entire church and others over for dinner at different nights with the right healthy food and a clean house.
  • Have a bible study at my house.
  • Spend time with children.
  • Be excited to play with children.
  • Bring my children to at least 2 sports.
  • Be the leader of a sport my child is in.
  • Volunteer.
  • Have a clean house.
  • Always have laundry done.
  • Always have dish washer emptied.
  • Have meals planned with healthy meals.
  • Always have healthy groceries in the house.
  • Have house supplies and have them organized (paper towels ect.)
  • Gardens looking beautiful.
  • Kids birthday parties planned and everyone feel included.
  • Have many friends.
  • My kids have many friends.
  • Husband have time to run.
  • Have alone time where  I can read, blog, and relax.
  • Make the income of a Dr.
  • Record videos or class recordings at least 2 times a week.  Blog at least 4 times a week.
  • Kids dressed correctly and hair done.
  • Make everyone in my life happy.
  • Travel out of town to see both sets of Grandparents.
  • Plan low cost vacations.  Pack for them in an organized way.
  • Have clean and taken care of cars.
  • Pump breast milk for cereal and when I am going out.
  • Continue to publish more books.
  • Be able to offer help to anyone I know.
  • Healthy snacks for family.
  • Continued business growth.
  • Low cost out of house activities where I need to be awake, look nice, and be ready to socialize.
  • Have planned activities for the kids during the day.
  • Have a healthy family dinner.
  • Be a role model to kids.
  • Walk at least 10,000 steps a day.
  • If my husband works more I need to just do more and not be worried about it.
  • My coffee should not have milk and sugar.  Should I even be drinking coffee?
  • Vegetarian- After giving birth to kids as a mammal I don’t like to eat other mammals.
  • Never get sick.
  • Never get tired.
  • Eat only healthy food.
  • Keep up with the field as a stay at home Mom.
  • Be the best at all things business.  Blogs, Online Classes, Books and everything else.
  • Know all things I would need to know if I were a medical Dr. of any type.
  • Be able to research anything on the internet.
  • Always be happy even during that “time of the month”.
  • Have clothes that fit my body, look nice, and are comfortable.
  • Have perfect empathy at all times for everyone in my life.
  • Be able to explain my feelings.
  • Be constantly improving myself.
  • Spell blog post correctly with perfect grammar (I just had to spell check that word).
  • Have no one upset at my blog post, books, or online classes.
  • Pay all bills on time without forgetting.
  • Compost.
  • Recycle.
  • Don’t use too much green house gasses or make too much trash.
  • Always have small and large goals.
  • Take pictures of every new moment of my children’s lives so I can remember them and share them with others that were not there.
  • Know about politics but never offend anyone with my political views.
  • Kids always good when out of the house.
  • Don’t compare myself to others.
  • Kids toys always correct for them, cleaned up, and organized.
  • Presents from others appreciated and utilized.
  • Everyone I know feels appreciated and loved.
  • Have all the fruits of the spirit in my life.
  • Should be good friends with all friends at any time in my life.

I am sure I could write more if I spend the week writing down all the rules that I have for myself.

“People thought they were living holy lives if they just obeyed all those rules. But Jesus disagreed. He said people found enough “loopholes” to obey all the rules and still live wicked and greedy lives (Matthew 23:23-28). “- (What Does the Bible Say About the Old Testament Law?)

You see, even if it was possibly for me do do all these rules for myself on top of other rules, this would not make me a better person. Many of these rules even contradict each other or are impossible!   Even if I follow my own rules there would be “loopholes” I would create if everything was not perfect.  Now that I wrote these all down, I just realize that they are silly.  What rules do you follow or think you should be doing that just don’t make sense? 

Some of these things are taking time away from things that really matter in my life.  Hopefully I can stop following these rules that I have created for myself. 

By the way, I would probably want to take this blog post down because I could offend someone or it could say the wrong thing, but I will keep it here in hopes that it will help someone one day.

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