Steamtown Historic National Site- Trains and a Toddler

SteamtownOk I brought my husband and my toddler with me.  But we had an amazing time at Steamtown.  This was a great place to go with my family while I am 7 months pregnant.  There was a small amount of walking and we all learned so much.  There was something for each of us there.  We paid $14 for two adults and one child.

As an instructional designer, I loved this place.  The museum was built around the round house.  How cool was that.  There was actually 31 options around the circle for the trains to go.

The first place that I loved was the caboose.  I will call this the first tiny house.  There are many great ideas that can be used in a tiny house in this caboose.  Folding tables, hidden cabinets, going up when you can’t go out, and more.  As someone who loves interior design I also loved the light yellow walls and black floor.


I took a picture of this stove in the caboose because it said “If I am good, please tell other about it”. What a funny item and place for marketing.

Then we went to see GIANT steam engines.  These had so much metal on them.  I have seen some engines before but nothing this big.  They are definitely amazing machines.

20150311_140251 20150311_140403

Then we got to see a luxary car.  This had a little sitting room, dining room, and sleeping cars.  These cars could also be used to understand tiny home contruction.  20150311_140919 20150311_141200 20150311_141211

This is a mail car.  There are many cool ways they sorted the mail in one small spot. I loved all the different organization techniques used.



There was then some places for kids to get a little dirty.  They could look for items like the ones found on the site before it became a museum.  Also there was a playroom with wood trains and tacks they could play with.


During certain parts of the year there are actual steam train rides.  Check the website for times.  We thought we could park at the mall and walk over to the museum but the bridge was closed.  Also the bridge was pretty long, so we suggest if you have children to just drive over instead of parking at the mall.  We were there a little more than an hour in the museum.