Stroller for Toddler and Baby as they Grow


Our new little girl is about a month old now.  Every day and night has brought joy and uncertainty to our new family of four.

I can’t wait to get out of the house and enjoy the weather.  Today was nice but humid in Pennsylvania. We got out new stroller in the mail today.  It took about a half hour to put together and understand the first time.  But the next time will be faster.  Our children are 3 1/2 years apart  This stroller works great as our daughter can sit and stand.  I like the stroller because it can hold both of them and grow with us when our little one gets bigger she will have a seat of her own.

The things i don’t like about it is it is heavy, the seat for my older daughter could be a little better.  I rather her walk beside me so she gets exercise and gets tired for better night sleeps.  But I love that there is an option for her to ride.

I like this stroller so I can bring both children to the park and walk.  Then my older daughter can play if she likes or not.  Also to get both kids to my husbands work so we can have lunch together. He works at a University so close parking is difficult.

After doing some research the price point was perfect for us.  I am sure when I am finished I will sell this on craigslist too.  You can also buy a seat to fit in the back if your child is a little smaller or needs a seat.

Buy the Joovy Caboose on Amazon.  We bought this on a sale day for $119.  Each color changes in price.



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