17 Tiny House Ideas from a Cruise Ship Room

After researching tiny house ideas for our new Shabin, then living in a 151 square foot room with 4 people for a week on the NCL Breakaway , I thought I would share some ideas for a cruise ship room that you could use in a tin house.  So here you go!

Tiny House Ideas from a Cruise Ship Room
Tiny House Ideas from a Cruise Ship Room

A pop down from the ceiling bunk bed.  Stores flat to the ceiling when when you are not using it.  A light for the person in the bunk bed.  This does not need to be moved during storage.


A wall of fabric for sounds.  The top has back lights.  There is also a storage area for books with lights and reading lights.  IMG_20160309_210133IMG_20160309_203247The tv area has a place for papers.

IMG_20160309_203324There is wall storage.  The other side of the wall is the closet.  There brown part of this area in a larger shelf in the closet for the safe.

IMG_20160309_203335 The bathroom vanity has a spot for tissues. IMG_20160309_203359The bathroom trashcan is on the inside of the door. IMG_20160309_203406

The soap dispenser and cup holders are on the wall of the bathroom. IMG_20160309_203421

Sorry for this messy picture.  But here you can see some more great bathroom storage ideas.  The small shelves on the mirror are great for bathroom products.

IMG_20160309_203451A tiny shelf at the top for small bathroom products. IMG_20160309_205348The shower has triangular bathroom storage.  The shampooand body wash is on the wall in dispensers.

Tiny House Ideas from a Cruise Ship Room
Tiny House Ideas from a Cruise Ship Room

IMG_20160309_203505There is a bar in the shower to put your feet up for shaving. Double towel rack in the bathroom.  IMG_20160309_205320

The vanity has a side door where there is more room to get into the vanity. IMG_20160309_203556
These are two movable side tables.  Great for if your move the bed apart or together.  Again, sorry for the mess.  We had all intentions of unpacking correctly but with a 4 year old and a 9 month old on vacation, this is where we were at.  I love that these have 2 shelves too.  IMG_20160309_203632
This is a view of the layout of the room.  From the left is a shelf, then  closet, then the tv, and behind that is the bathroom.  Great use of space for a square room. IMG_20160309_210150

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