Tips for Selling Your House

We have lived in our house for 8-years and decided we were going to move.  I did some research on selling your house that I would like to share with you.  We had 5 showings and our home was under contract in less than a week.  I am not sure if any of these tips helped sell our house, but they might have at least got more people to look at our hose.  We also got 25 saves on Zillow, which I thought was a large number of people.

Link to our realtor:

1. Hire the Right Realtor

We hired a realtor that was very responsive.  She also had a team of other realtors to work with.  One day a large group of realtors came through the house to help set a price and viewed the house to tell buyers about the house.

2. Photographer

The realtor we hired had an amazing photographer that knew which pictures to take, the pictures to leave out, and had a great camera lens. This helped make the house look Amazing online.

3. Cleaning

We are a family of four with two small children.  The house is not really cleaned very often.  I tried to clean the house as much as possible.  Even the things I don’t normally clean like the fan blades and the windows.  I think this made the house look even better for the pictures and buyers.

4. Intentional Items on Tables

I cleaned off tables and only left nice lamps or items on the surfaces that I thought made the area look better.  I did buy some apples for a basket. Then take away all the other items and put them nicely in closets.

5. New Towels

I bought some hotel looking white towels and only used them for the pictures and showings.  I think this made those rooms look nicer.

6. Shower Caddy

We went back to our college days and put all the shower items and bathroom items in a nice caddy and then under the sink.  Then people could see a clean open bathroom.

7. Open all the Window and Blinds &Turn the Lights ON

I turned on all the lights in the house.  Even the ones in the laundry closet.  I knew they would be looking in there.  Also the light above your microwave.  Your outside lights too.  And open all the curtains all the way for the natural light to come into the house.

Please sharing your house selling techniques bellow so we can both help others sell their houses. Below I added an ebook that may be helpful too.

8. Take Down Personal Picture

The people who are buying your home do not want to see your family pictures.  I took down a few wedding pictures and put them in a drawer before the pictures and showings.

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