Understanding the Joy of a Staycation

Understanding a Staycation

Many people wonder, “What is a staycation?”

If you are one of these people, there is no end to the limitless opportunities that a staycation holds.  A staycation is like a vacation without leaving the area that you live in.  You do all of the things that you would do on a vacation for a day or two.  You stay in a hotel, eat out, and enjoy a local attraction.

The Joy of a Staycation

Many people do not realize how many opportunities there are where they live to visit a unique destination.  In fact the joy of a staycation comes from being able to explore and do something that you have not done before without having to travel.

Let’s face it.  Travel is expensive and most parents struggle to take care of their children’s needs which does not leave a lot of opportunity for them to get out and visit new places.  If you are one of these parents that does not mean that you can not ever have a vacation experience with your child.   It does mean that you might have to get creative and find a great way to enjoy where you live.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Staycation

Tip # 1 — Think Outside of the Box

When you are going to try and plan something for your family to enjoy where you live, think outside of the box.  Look for restaurants that you have never visited and look for experiences that you might not even know about.

One time I wanted to do something unique with my children and I found a very kitschy car museum that took us back in time to a world that my children would not have otherwise known about.  There were some great antique toys and interesting things to see and my children still talk about it and it has been a few years since we have been there.  I plan on going back to this destination soon to share with you all.

Tip # 2 — Ask Friends and Family

Ask the people that you know what their favorite local thing to do is.  There might be places that you have forgotten about or places that you might not have otherwise known about.  Be willing to try something that you might not think that you would enjoy and there is a good chance that you will be surprised.

Tip # 3 — Know About Hotel Rates in Your Area

When it comes to traveling some towns and cities have cheaper hotel rates during the week while others have cheaper rates on the weekends.  Know which is the case for your family and try to travel on the days when the rates are going to be the best which can save you money.

Tip # 4 — Check Out Discount Websites

There are many great discount websites like Groupon and Restaurants.com.  When you go here you can look for local activities or restaurants that are offering deep discounts on their foods.  When I traveled with my husband last year we purchased multiple restaurants.com coupons and had amazing experiences trying different types of cuisine that we likely would not have eaten had we not checked out the website first.

Start Planning Your Staycation Today

A staycation can last a week or just be a day or two long.  Plan a staycation today for your family to have the best choices available to you and to be able to enjoy a wide variety of choices when you desire travel with your family.  Staying home can save significantly since there are no travel costs which generally eat up a large portion of travel budgets for families.

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