What is New? Spring 2018

I thought I would just give you a quick update on what is new in our lives. We just got back from a beautiful wedding of our friends Kim and Ryan.  Their ceremony was our favorite and the food was amazing.  The company was nice too. I got to spend some time with my sister and my parents watched the girls.

My husband just finished the Hyner Challange for the 6th time!  I am very proud of him.  Training while having a full-time job and 2 kids can be difficult.  But he finished with his best time.

I started Nutrisystem at the end of January and have lost over 2 pounds so far.  Eating the right things at the right times of the day has really helped.  There have also been less french fries in my life but more Chocolate.  I started with the box meal at Walmart, and then did it on my own with the same calories and types of food.  I hope to continue for a while.

We have planned a week summer vacation at Knoebles this year.  I am very excited.  Normally we just go for day trips but this year we want to try many different things.  Mini-golf, pool, arcade, and rides for all of us.

I am just finishing up the Jared Box project, giving things to do for kids in hospitals.  Last year we delivered 12 boxes but it looks like we will be able to deliver 24 this year.  I wrote a post on this last year if you are interested.

I have been back in the garden.  You can keep up with my gardening on Instagram. The tulips are late but opening this week.  I wanted to share with you two gardening shows that I love to watch.  Gardners World (You can find you Youtube) and Garden Answer.  Both of them inspire me to try new things.  I love watching some of the perennials come back that I planted last year.  I did not even remember when I planted them.

At the Common Place Church many great things have been happening and changing.  The most exciting part is all the new babies at our church.  Two of them were born on the same day.  Also, our Tuesday Woman’s night bible study is going great! Let me know if you are interested in joining.

I am still collecting Box Tops for education for my daughter’s school.  If you have any you can send them over or to your local school. My daughter has 4 1/2 weeks of school left and then will be off for the summer.  I have some day and weekend trips planned for the 11 weeks that she has off.

I continue to work on the Greater Than a Tourist book series – 50 Travel Tips from a Local.  The series should have 250 books by the end of next month. I enjoy working with the writers and many of them are really growing.  Maybe you can check out one of the books before your next trip?

Last week I brought my Charlie the Cavalier books to church for the kids to look at as well as my child’s daycare.  The series is available on Amazon and the bus stops here in Lock Haven, PA.

I am working on converting over 300 books to audiobooks that will be available on Amazon.  Working with the narrators has been great.

I also published a new class on Skillshare where I have over 6,000 students and many different classes.

I hope you have a happy spring. Have a great day!

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